King Louie Kite Shredded During Bad Landing in KiteTails at Disney’s Animal Kingdom

UPDATE 6/20/2022 5:30 p.m.: The original poster contacted us to let us know this video was taken in February and a different TikTok user reuploaded it. Their claim that it happened today has been verified as false. You can view the video, first released in May, on YouTube. The original article remains below:

TikTok user everythingdisney133 shared a video of the King Louie balloon kite being ripped during a performance of “The Jungle Book” version of Disney KiteTails at Disney’s Animal Kingdom.

In the video, King Louie, being pulled by a jet ski, collides with green walls next to the stands and his arm is completely shredded and torn off. It’s unclear at this time if this will affect future performances as Disney may (or may not) have duplicate kites.

Of course, KiteTails is known for crashing kites — so much so that a warning about crash landings was added to the show after it premiered last year.

Shorter, rolling performances of Disney KiteTails debuted last month.

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  1. Nothing like this ever happened at rivers and if it did it doesnt become an eyesore problem oh wait no one sees this vs rivers it was always a full house and people loved it (well until they added characters like idiots that do not belong at dak) sorry but kite tails vs rivers which do you think disney would have approved of? I am going to have to say rivers as obvious choice hence why harmonious is rivers with fireworks!

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