merch roundup 06.23.22

Merchandise Roundup 6/23/22: Pumbaa, Bo Peep, and Dante MagicBands; Darth Vader Merch; Mickey & Minnie Pins; and More

Welcome to the merchandise roundup for June 23, 2022! Each new day brings new merchandise to Walt Disney World, and we know you don’t want to miss a thing, so we gather new releases here. This week we visited Magic Kingdom, EPCOT, and Disney’s Hollywood Studios; let’s look at our discoveries.

magicbands 25 scaled

We found these two new open edition MagicBands at Pin Traders in EPCOT.

Bo Peep MagicBand – $29.99

magicbands 27 scaled

This band is light pink, with a darker pink Mickey puck.

magicbands 22 scaled

“Bo Peep” is in large letters with white polka dots on one end.

magicbands 26 scaled

Bo Peep, in her blue jumpsuit, is on the other end.

Pumbaa MagicBand – $29.99

magicbands 24 scaled

This MagicBand is green, with Pumbaa enjoying some grub.

magicbands 23 scaled
magicbands 21 scaled

Dante MagicBand – $29.99

magicbands 15 scaled

We found this MagicBand featuring Dante from “Coco” at the Emporium in Magic Kingdom.

magicbands 14 scaled

It is purple with a teal green puck.

magicbands 13 scaled

Dante is on one end, and his name is on the other.

magicbands 16 scaled

Flowers, butterflies, music notes, and skulls are in the background.

magicbands 18 scaled
character pens 1

These three character pens were in the Emporium.

Aladdin Pen – $12.99

character pens 3

Aladdin is wearing his purple vest, red fez, and white pants. Abu is on his shoulder.

character pens 2

His pants come to a point at the end of the pen.

character pens

Jasmine Pen – $12.99

character pens 4

Jasmine is wearing her classic teal outfit, and holding up the Genie’s golden lamp.

character pens 6
character pens 5

Ariel Pen – $12.99

character pens 10

Ariel’s mermaid tail comes to a point for this pen.

character pens 9

She has her hands on her hips.

character pens 7
character pens 8

“Turning Red” Friendship Bracelet Kit – $24.99

turning red friendship bracelet 2

Channel your younger self with this friendship bracelet kit inspired by “Turning Red.”

turning red friendship bracelet 4
turning red friendship bracelet

It includes several different kinds of beads and colorful strings. There are even some “Turning Red” beads featuring Mei as a human and red panda.

turning red friendship bracelet 3
turning red friendship bracelet 1

This and the bottle below were in the Emporium.

“Turning Red” Bottle – $27.99

turning red bottle 1

This bottle comes in a red panda-inspired crossbody holder.

turning red bottle 4

The holder resembles Mei as a red panda, but more pink than red.

turning red bottle 0

Her plush tail sticks out of the back.

turning red bottle 7
turning red bottle 6
turning red bottle 2

It has an adjustable purple strap with a buckle.

turning red bottle 5
turning red bottle 8
turning red bottle 3

The bottle can be removed.

turning red bottle 10

The bottle is a light transparent pink with a purple cap.

turning red bottle 11

It’s covered with imagery from “Turning Red,” including Mei in her human and panda forms.

turning red bottle 9

It reads “OMG” and features hearts, 4-Town CDs, and a boom box.

turning red bottle 13
turning red bottle 12

Rose Gold Ball Cap – $19.99

rose gold ball cap 2

We found this iridescent rose gold ball cap in Star Traders at Magic Kingdom.

rose gold ball cap 4

Mickey is embossed on the front.

rose gold ball cap 6
rose gold ball cap 3

“Walt Disney World” is embossed on the back.

rose gold ball cap 1
rose gold ball cap

Mickey Keychain Set – $19.99


This set includes five keychains shaped like Mickey’s iconic head, with different colored shorts on the bottom half.

keychains 1

The colors are red, blue, orange, teal, and yellow. Each has two white buttons.

keychains 4

Each keychain also has a charm resembling Mickey’s white glove.

keychains 3

The backs are silver.

keychains 2

This set and the one below were in Disney Traders in EPCOT.

Minnie Keychain Set – $19.99

keychains 6

These keychains are shaped like Minnie ear headbands. The ears are black, while each sparkly bow is a different color.

keychains 7

They are blue, green, yellow, red, and purple.

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vacationeer TopBarAD2020 v2
keychains 10
keychains 8
keychains 9

Pride MaDe Magnets – $14.99

pride made magnets 2

Two new Pride magnets are available in MaDe kiosks.

pride made magnets

One reads “True to your <3.” The heart is a rainbow with a black Mickey head inside.

pride made magnets 1

The second magnet reads “Belong, believe, be proud.” A rainbow stripe with a Mickey head is above “proud.”

Pride Apple Watch Band – $36.99

pride apple watch band 2

This black band reads “Pride” on one side. The “D” is the Walt Disney “D” in a rainbow.

pride apple watch band

A Mickey head is in a rainbow heart on the other side of the band.

pride apple watch band 1

This was in Creations Shop, as was the pride shirt below.

“Star Wars” BB-8 Youth Pride Tee – $24.99

bb 8 pride tee 1

This black tee features a rainbow ombre version of BB-8 with the words “Belong, believe, be proud.”

bb 8 pride tee 2
bb 8 pride tee 3
bb 8 pride tee 4
bb 8 pride tee

Darth Vader Sweatshirt – $49.99

vader sweatshirt

This heather grey sweatshirt features Darth Vader across the front.

vader sweatshirt 1
vader sweatshirt 3

His name is printed in red at the bottom of the sweatshirt.

vader sweatshirt 2

It was also in Creations Shop.

Mjölnir Keychain – $14.99

mjolnir keychain 3

This glow-in-the-dark keychain resembles Mjölnir, complete with blue lines where it was broken.

mjolnir keychain 1
mjolnir keychain
mjolnir keychain 2

This was in Creations Shop.

“The Walt Disney Film Archives” – $25

film archives

This illustrated book follows Walt Disney’s animation journey from 1921 to 1968.

film archives 1
film archives 2

It’s also available online.

film archives 3

This was in Port of Entry at EPCOT.

“Lightyear” Keychain – $14.99

lightyear keychain

This metal keychain has three charms attached to it.

lightyear keychain 1

The large charm is Buzz, pictured in teal, with orange and pink lines around him and “Star Command” above him.

lightyear keychain 3
lightyear keychain 2

A triangular charm also reads “Star Command” and shows a spaceship blasting off. The third charm is a circle and features Sox.

This and the “Lightyear” apparel below were in Disney & Co. at Disney’s Hollywood Studios.

“Lightyear” Adult Tee – $24.99

lightyear apparel 3 scaled

This army green tee features a helmet on the front, with Buzz pictured in the background.

lightyear apparel 2 scaled

It has notes on the helmet, such as “Protective visor” and “Liquid cooling and ventilation garment.”

lightyear apparel 0 scaled
lightyear apparel 1 scaled

“Lightyear” Cargo Pants – $49.99

lightyear apparel 6 scaled

These army green cargo pants can be turned into shorts thanks to zippers at the knees.

lightyear apparel 9 scaled

“Property of Star Command” and “XL-01” are on one leg.

lightyear apparel 5 scaled

They have large pockets and feature the Star Command logo.

lightyear apparel 8 scaled
lightyear apparel 4 scaled
lightyear apparel 7 scaled
lightyear apparel 10 scaled

Sunglasses Pin Set – $29.99

sunglass pins 11

This set has four pins of Donald, Mickey, Minnie, and Goofy wearing sunglasses. We found it and the Jasmine pin below at Sunset Ranch Pins and Souvenirs in Disney’s Hollywood Studios.

Princess Jasmine Pin – $12.99

jasmine pin 1

This Jasmine pin comes on a new shining, shimmering backing card featuring the logo for Disney Princesses.

jasmine pin

The actual pin is a circle with the silhouette of the Agrabah palace. Jasmine is pictured from her shoulders up, in front of the palace with her hair over her shoulder.

Princess Jasmine Pin – $12.99

jasmine pin 1 1

We found this second Jasmine pin in Boutiki at Disney’s Polynesian Village Resort. It comes on the same backing card featuring stars and flowers.

jasmine pin 2

Jasmine is pictured kneeling in a cloud, holding the Genie’s magic lamp, in front of a starry circular background.

mickey minnie pins

We found these next two pins at Tomorrowland Light & Power Co. in Magic Kingdom. Mickey and Minnie are featured in the relatively new animation style of the “Mickey Mouse” shorts.

Camera Mickey Pin – $9.99

mickey minnie pins 1

Mickey is holding a camera on this pin.

Shopping Minnie Pin – $9.99

mickey minnie pins 2

Minnie is holding two shopping bags.

Limited Edition Dr. Facilier “Our Transformation Story” Pin – $19.99

dr. facilier pin 1

This pin, part of the “Our Transformation Story” series, features Dr. Facilier holding a deck of cards.

dr. facilier pin

It has a limited edition size of 2,750. We found it in Frontier Trading Post.

Limited Edition “Floating Down Main Street, U.S.A.” Mickey Pin – $19.99

mickey minnie balloon pins 2

We found this “Floating Down Main Street, U.S.A.” pin at Frontier Trading Post too. Mickey is pictured atop a red hot air balloon. This has a limited edition size of 4,000.

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