Close up view of DCA from Paradise Pier

PHOTO REPORT: Disneyland Resort 5/31/22 (Patriotic Food Reviews, Paradise Pier Hotel Update, Boba Fett, Fantasmic!, and Fireworks)

Hey there, hi there, ho there! We headed down to the Disneyland Resort to catch Fantasmic! again, and spent the day exploring the parks and even a hotel. So join us for this most recent photo report from the Happiest Place on Earth.

Disney California Adventure

moana doll 093038 scaled

We started our day with a little shopping, as always. This Moana doll is the newest in the Disney Designer Collection.

Pride Stitch plush

With the start of Pride Month, the Pride merch is in full swing. And this rainbow Stitch plush is the newest addition to the collection.

marvel youth jersey 092327 scaled

We also found a jersey for kids to celebrate their love of Marvel.

Jessica Rabbit Dress Elias Co 1 scaled

And for adults, this beautiful dress is inspired by Jessica Rabbit.

Rescuers Dooney & Bourke Collection Elias & Co

Or, for the accessory-focused, this new collection of Dooney & Bourke bags features The Rescuers.

DCA Chorizo Breakfast Burrito 5 scaled

After all that shopping, we were ready for breakfast. The Chorizo Breakfast Burrito from the Cappuccino Cart hit the spot. You can watch our full video review on our YouTube channel, or by clicking on the video below:

Cleaning Paradise Bay DCA

While dining on the pier, we saw Disney janitorial Cast Members hard at work cleaning Paradise Bay.

Spider Man show web swing dca

And we could also see Spider-Man swinging through the air from this vantage point.

Scarlet Witch DCA Avengers Campus Stock

Of course, this made us want to head to Avengers Campus right after breakfast. We ran into Scarlet Witch straight away.

grizzly peak stock dca

What a beautiful day for a park visit.

Grizzly River Run stock

It sure was hot, however. A trip down the splashing falls of Grizzly River Run wouldn’t go amiss in this heat.

Mr Potato Head Midway Mania

Mr. Potato Head has been unveiled once again after being behind curtains off and on for the last few weeks.

construction walls 1

We spotted some new construction walls here by the bay, though we’re unsure exactly what is being done inside.

construction walls paradise bay dca
ariel const walls gone

The walls have come down from the front archway of The Little Mermaid: Ariel’s Undersea Adventure. Some walls still remain closer to the attraction entrance, however.

seaside souvenirs construction walls

Just down the road, more walls have gone up at the former Seaside Souvenirs.

Seaside Souvenirs sign

We say former because although the signs on the construction walls still show the name of the souvenir stand, the verbiage has been removed from the large billboards on both sides of the shop.

Seaside souvenirs sign blank
Seaside Souvenirs execs talking

Cast Members could be seen here planning for the project that is underway. A new entrance to the park will be opened here to accommodate guests coming from Disney’s Paradise Pier hotel.

Disney’s Paradise Pier Hotel

Paradise Pier hotel Entrance stock

We decided to head over to Disney’s Paradise Pier Hotel to take a look around before many of the changes in theme begin. The hotel is set to be rethemed to Pixar art in the near future.

Goofy Paradise Pier Hotel stock

The classic Surfer Goofy statue is due to be replaced with the retheme, but he is still standing and smiling for now.

Surfside Lounge Paradise Pier Hotel

There’s not really a whole lot of theming to replace at the hotel in the common areas, but the Surfside Lounge does have a bit more than other areas.

collectabuild series 2115438 scaled

While we were in Mickey in Paradise, we noticed a new series of Collectabuilds Park Pals has come to the shop.

Const walls at Paradise Pier Hotel 7

With construction ongoing as the pool was recently refurbished, there are still construction walls up, and they have some super cute artwork.

Const walls at Paradise Pier Hotel 6

All of these porthole characters are taken from the 1937 short, “Hawaiian Holiday.” Goofy can be seen hunting a menacing crab.

Const walls at Paradise Pier Hotel 5

Pluto also tangled with the crab in the cartoon.

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vacationeer TopBarAD2020 v2
Const walls at Paradise Pier Hotel 4

Minnie danced the hula while Mickey, who is not pictured here, played the guitar.

Const walls at Paradise Pier Hotel 3

The two sea life creatures that aggravated Pluto on his vacation get their own window.

Const walls at Paradise Pier Hotel 2

And finally, Donald is relaxing on his floating horse.

Const walls at Paradise Pier Hotel 1
Paradise pier hotel stairway

The theming of the hotel may be scarce, but the wall art is beautiful in the hotel. Here in the stairway are framed sketches from the “Hawaiian Holiday” short.

Paradise Pier Hotel firework viewing

Up on level 3, chairs are arranged for firework viewing.

Paradise Pier Hotel

One of the last remnants of the original aesthetic of the hotel also showcases the original design of Disney’s California Adventure. This billboard can be found above the emergency exit doors below the pool deck.

Sandbar Paradise Pier Hotel closed

The Sand Bar, the poolside bar at Disney’s Paradise Pier Hotel, is closed.

View from Paradise Pier hotel of DCA

From the 15th floor, we get a fantastic, if obstructed, view of Disney California Adventure.

Close up view of DCA from Paradise Pier

Cars Land and Pixar Pier are the only areas in view from the guest hallway area.


Sleeping Beauty Castle from Behind stock disneyland

Heading back into the parks, it’s time for Disneyland.

DL Rocket Soda 4 scaled

It’s a warm summer day, and we are ready for a cool, sweet treat. This Rocket Soda is definitely a choice, but not necessarily something we’d choose again. You can watch our full review on YouTube, or by clicking on the video below:

DL Rocket Sundae 6 scaled

And we didn’t stop there. We had to pair the Rocket Soda with the Rocket Sundae, which was far more enjoyable and something we will definitely return for. You can watch our full review on YouTube, or by clicking on the video below:

pirate p arr fait 162813 scaled

And away over in New Orleans Square, we saved the best for last as we dug up the amazing Pirate P-arr-fait from French Market.

pirate p arr fait 163452 scaled

The base of this dessert is a baba — a yeast roll soaked in rum syrup. Didn’t think we’d enjoy something like this as much as we did, but it was fantastic.

You can watch our full review on YouTube, or by clicking on the video below:

Boba Fett SWGE Stock

Boba Fett has recently come to Batuu, and we couldn’t resist honoring the Daimyo of Mos Espa with a portrait.

Fennec Shand batuu

His right-hand enforcer, Fennec Shand, was also roaming around to ensure everything was in order for Fett’s visit.

Fantasmic line up

Soon enough, it was time to line up for Fantasmic! These folks along the edge of the Rivers of America waited several hours before being walked out of their spots to make room for the dining package seating areas.

Crowds at Rivers of America 1

The area sure did fill up quickly as showtime approached. We waited a total of four hours in our spot, which is longer than the Cast Members were happy with. But anyone who walked away had their spot taken, so we just camped out with the crowd.

Rivers of America night waiting for fantasmic

And what a beautiful night it was for the wait. We caught the moon rising just over Splash Mountain, though a large tree is in the way. Oh well.

It was worth the wait to see this show again. After we saw it on opening night, we couldn’t wait to come back again. It’s just that good!

Fireworks over Big Thunder disneyland

After the first show of Fantasmic!, guests are asked to remain in their spot to watch the Disneyland Forever fireworks spectacular. We saw the fireworks erupting over a silhouetted Big Thunder Mountain, with the same projections from the castle and Main Street being shown on the Fantasmic! water screens.

Fireworks over Big Thunder Mountain Disneyland Stock

And our final parting shot for today is the finale of Disneyland Forever, where the whole land is lit up by fireworks. Big Thunder Mountain looks great!

Well, that’s it from us here at Disneyland. We’re glad you rode along. Be sure to leave a comment below, letting us know what you think of the photo report. We’ll see ya real soon!

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    1. We try to post under 30 stories a day based on importance, so things get pushed back sometimes. We also have to approve comments because people will write inappropriate things.

  2. Charley, you do great reports. Thank you. I especially liked being able to “look around” Paradise Pier Hotel again one last time through your photos. We stayed there twice in the past, and we look forward to the Pixar re-theme but have fond memories of the original hotel. And you had some photos that I didn’t already have.

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