Pirate Rooms to Be Discontinued in 2023 at Disney’s Caribbean Beach Resort

One of the more unique features of Disney’s Caribbean Beach Resort will be sailing away next year.


The Pirate Rooms, inspired by the “Pirates of the Caribbean” films, are set to be discontinued beginning in 2023. No official closing date has been confirmed aside from the year.


In addition to pirate ship-themed beds, there are plenty of swashbuckling touches around the room, including a mini-fridge hidden in a barrel and treasure chest-like footrests.


The touches continue to the bathroom, which has a mirror decorated with Aztec coins and brick-themed tile in the shower.

When we spoke to a Disney representative, no reason behind the closure was given, though it’s been speculated that guests have found the beds to be uncomfortable. You can read our full tour of a Pirate Room when we visited in October 2020, or check out the video below.

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  1. These pirate rooms were a cute idea and great if you are all small, but it is always frustrating when these are the only room types available at Caribbean Beach because no one wants to pay for them and the pirate ship beds make everything feel to cramped. Especially for my 6’4″ husband. I with they would just change out the beds for regular queen beds and keep the rest of the theming

  2. It seems like putting in better mattresses would be cheaper than redoing the entire room. Why does Disney have to keep watering down theming and going more bland (I’m talking about you World of Disney store!!!!)

  3. Why not…all Disney has done lately is take away…and charge more….you know…just as Walt would’ve wanted. Shame on you WDW

  4. If this change is because of the Depp/Heard trial in which he was found NOT GUILTY, then SHAME ON YOU, DISNEY. Perhaps it’s time to BOYCOTT your idiot company altogether. First you fire a brilliant actor, now this!?!? Shameful.

  5. The “Blanding of Disney World” continues! Most beautifully detailed rooms don’t have to be connected with a particular movie. They’re pirate rooms, not Johnny Depp rooms. Are the princess rooms’ beautiful decor to be removed also? The location of these rooms is quite remote & Very inconvenient. I thought they were decorating them so nicely to make them more palatable. I always wanted to stay in those rooms and would pay a bit more to stay there, but not a ton!
    Several years ago, Disney ‘generic-ed’ (if that is a verb), the beautiful Wilderness Lodge rooms. They were highly themed and a complete delight to stay at, despite the high price. Now those rooms look like a nice generic hotel. Is that what you’re expecting from DISNEY? No! The WL very boring rooms are still highly priced! I hope they leave the beautiful WL lobby alone! And the beautiful WL exterior too!
    I keep waiting for DISNEY to make Good business decisions that will keep their customer base happy, & that will still make them money. Yet every day I hear more and more about poor decisions, & angry park goers, & disenchanted DVC Members selling out, & many many many people cancelling their Disney vacations to go other themeparks. Yeah, Disney needs to make a profit, but they’re rapidly losing the respect they used to have. DISNEY used to enchant their guests, but now they disenfranchise them completely. Disney Magic has become Disney muck. Maybe their next documentary should be called “Disney Disenchanted”: The Fall of the Disney Empire. I used to be an absolute Disney fanatic, but now I’m ready for a Disney divorce. Thanks for listening. It helps me cope with the sadness Disney has put in my heart. Thank you!

  6. I Totally agree!

    (From a longtime fan of Disney Parks- who never had children, and a DVC member since 1995)

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