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Jessie’s Trading Post Mural Installed at Toy Story Mania Exit in Disney’s Hollywood Studios

A mural for Jessie’s Trading Post, a new themed gift shop in Toy Story Land at Disney’s Hollywood Studios, has been installed at the exit of Toy Story Mania.

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There was previously a small gift shop at the exit of the ride, but it wasn’t very themed. It was closed earlier this year to make way for Jessie’s Trading Post.

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The new mural features Jessie with a lasso making her name.

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jessies trading post 6

Jessie has some friendly critters around her.

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On the adjacent wall are doors to the store, but it is not open yet.

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The doors are set in a mural resembling a farmhouse.

jessies trading post
jessies trading post 10

This mural is next to the current exit doors for the attraction.

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The rest of the Toy Story Mania exit has also been updated. There are giant “drawings” by Andy of Woody and Mr. Potato Head.

toy story mania exit 1

This one has Sheriff Woody trying to lasso Mr. Potato Head as One-Eyed Bart.

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toy story mania exit 4
toy story mania exit 3

It says, “Bart will never get away! Woody always saves the day!!!”

toy story mania exit 2
toy story mania exit

A circus puzzle is on the wall after this drawing.

jessies trading post 9

Another drawing of Woody and Bullseye is on the wall after. It reads “Sheriff Woody is on the trail!”

toy story mania exit 12

The wall across resembles an overturned box for Bullseye.

toy story mania exit 14
toy story mania exit 6

There’s a “Woody’s Roundup” tower pictured on the box.

toy story mania exit 5
toy story mania exit 9
toy story mania exit 7
toy story mania exit 13
toy story mania exit 8

The bottom of the box reads “Official authorized merchandise of television’s most popular cowboy show Woody’s Roundup.”

toy story mania exit 11

Elsewhere in Toy Story Land, construction continues on the Roundup Rodeo BBQ.

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  1. Whats always been a dad weird is we call it andys backyard but introduce bonnies toys in mania and everyone knows andy gives her the toys! While andy is the main story thats not where it ends in the time frame where toy story land should be which is present aka bonnies backyard! It throws all the kids off i see like whose andy? Bc they know bonnie.

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