Tokyo TDR 35th Ticket

Tokyo Disney Resort Reintroducing Evening-Only Tickets Starting July 5

Before the age of COVID-19, guests wishing to only visit Tokyo Disneyland or Tokyo DisneySea could opt for a special ticket on afternoons and evenings to only spend a few hours in the park at a reduced price. Now the Oriental Land Company is officially reintroducing these under a new name starting July 5, 2022!

Tokyo TDR 35th Ticket

Starting July 5, two new categories of ticket will be available for purchase on the Tokyo Disney Resort website and app:

On weekdays (excluding holidays), guests can purchase the Weeknight Passport, which replaces the former After-6 Passport. Weeknight Passports allow the bearer to enter either Tokyo Disneyland or Tokyo DisneySea starting from 5:00p.m. until park close (which currently is pegged at 9:00p.m. daily). Prices vary between ¥4500 ($33.25) and ¥5400 ($39.90) by day. Prices are the same for adults, teenagers, and children over 3.

Meanwhile on weekends and holidays, the new Early Evening Passport replaces the former Starlight Passport. But just like the former ticket, guests can enter either park starting at 3:00p.m. until park close. Prices vary based on age, but adult prices range from ¥6500 ($48.03) to ¥7400 ($54.68).

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These add new options to the current lineup, although guests are still expected to purchase these tickets online via the app rather than in-person at the ticket booths or ticket vending machines installed in 2019 and 2020. Now only Annual Passports remain to return, the last Disney park on earth to be without an AP (or equivalent system).

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  1. I used this evening ticket option when I visited Tokyo Disney Sea in Sept. 2005 and it was perfect. The daytime heat in Tokyo is very much like Orlando and California so this allowed me to avoid most of the sun and high temperatures and also most of the crowds. I believe I hit 8 attractions and also watched the Fire & Ice robot dragon battle in 5 hours. By the way, the monorail is robotic (no driver) and costs about $2 to ride but is worth it as is the entire Japanese Disney experience.

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