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Universal Files Patent for ‘Edible Soft Robotic Systems’

Universal Studios has filed an interesting patent titled “Edible soft robotic systems and methods” for edible inflatable objects.

Universal patent for edible soft robotic systems

The patent describes how these edible objects would be attached to a container and inflate using a fluid conduit. Here is the abstract:

An edible soft robot system may be used to display and/or interact with edible inflatable objects. In an embodiment, the edible inflatable object is configured to receive a fluid in an internal compartment.

The edible inflatable object may be reversibly coupled to a container, wherein coupling the edible inflatable object to the container comprises aligning a port of the edible inflatable object to a fluid conduit to fluidically couple the internal compartment to the fluid conduit.

A control system of the edible soft robot system is configured to receive instructions to adjust inflation of the internal compartment by activating fluid flow into or out of the internal compartment via the fluid conduit, wherein adjusting inflation of the internal compartment causes the edible inflatable object to actuate on or within the container.

These systems could sit on a table or be portable and incorporated into dining experiences, rides, and merchandise.

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universal edible robotic system patent 1

This figure is a schematic of an aquarium-inspired interactive toy that would contain inflatable edible objects. The control system in the figure would, based on data received from a sensor, inflate the objects by directing fluid into them, as well as activate possible special effects.

universal edible robotic system patent 2

This one shows an edible inflatable object with a “puppet-style configuration.” Users would inflate this one like a balloon.

universal edible robotic system patent 4

Another figure shows edible objects resembling anatomically correct hearts sitting on a tray. We’ve actually already seen these at Halloween Horror Nights in the Tribute Store, as pictured below.


What do you think of these possible edible soft robotic systems? Let us know in the comments.

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