Blocked ‘Bluey’ Episode Will Come to Disney+ After Standards & Practices Reevaluated

Following backlash that an episode of “Bluey” didn’t premiere with the new season, Disney+ has promised to “reevaluate” their Standards & Practices, according to The Independent.


When the third season of the Australian show premiered on Disney+ last week, an episode, titled “Family Meeting,” wasn’t on the streaming service. The episode centers around flatulence. Disney+ gave a statement in regards to the episode:

“Family Meeting” will roll out on U.S. platforms soon. Some of the “Bluey” content did not meet Disney Junior broadcast S&P in place at the time the series was acquired. Now that it is rolling out on other platforms, it is a great opportunity to reevaluate which is what we plan to do.

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Disney has shown disclaimers on certain offerings that may feature offensive content, so it’s possible that a similar disclaimer could be used here. Still, fans in the United States will have a little more “Bluey” to enjoy soon.

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  1. What about the vasectomy comment in one episode? Or the one where the dad pretends to be pregnant? Just sad Disney. Just Sad.

  2. Yes, because it’s ok to add rated R movies like Deadpool but not a Bluey episode about toots? Maybe they need to reevaluate what they’re blocking from Disney+ 😂

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