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‘Never Land Tribe’ Replaces ‘Indian Camp’ On Mural Near Peter Pan’s Flight at the Magic Kingdom

As part of the efforts to be more inclusive of different cultures, the “Indian Camp” section of a mural near Peter Pan’s Flight in the Magic Kingdom has been replaced with “Never Land Tribe.”

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The mural, featuring a map of Never Land, can be found in the Peter Pan meet-and-greet location, next to the attraction queue.

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never land tribe 1

The change is part of the ongoing Stories Matter initiative and inclusivity efforts, which addresses Disney’s past use of cultural stereotypes. Other changes have included redesigning several scenes in the Jungle Cruise, as well as the upcoming replacement of Splash Mountain with Tiana’s Bayou Adventure.

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For comparison, the photo below shows the “Indian Camp” label as previously seen.

Never Land Indian Camp map

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  1. as a person of cherokee descent, this completely offends ME! has anyone ever heard of the “neverland tribe”? so how can anyone be offended by this stupidity on full display by disney once again? dump the disney stock people. get out before these woke imbeciles make it a penny stock. we already have and believe the board should be fired by the shareholders for giving chapek that 3 year extension to totally destroy disney. NEXT TO GO? OUR DVC BEFORE IT BECOMES WORTHLESS ALSO.

  2. I guess the new artist has never seen Peter Pan. I bet they feel quite embarrassed about the mistake.

  3. Disney has gone off the deep end as far as I am concerned. Changing original stories to make them politically correct is just wrong. The stories are classics and should not be tampered with. I can understand how Song Of The South created the Splash Mountain controversy, but I can’t understand this whole “Indian” controversy that is resonating through the company. Disney is no longer the company that I once loved and cared about.

    1. Because “Indian” is, at the very least, a misnomer borne out of ignorance, and it shows a lack of respect for Native Americans that it’s still okay to call them that when we’ve known they aren’t from India for hundreds of years. At worst, it’s derogatory like a number of other outdated labels that have fortunately been phased out.

      Just because it doesn’t bother you personally, doesn’t mean it shouldn’t be updated. It’s all made up anyway, and anyone actually getting angry about little things like this being changed must not have real problems to worry about.

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