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PHOTO REPORT: EPCOT & Disney Springs 7/30/2022 (Food & Wine Tray, Figment Earrings, Bruno Spirit Jersey, & More)

Welcome World Travelers to another gorgeous, summer day at EPCOT. We’re out strolling the park in search of new merchandise and more. Grab your emotional support water bottle and your sunscreen because we are diving in.

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Mickey Premium Ice Cream Bar lovers, these ears are for you. You can find them at Gateway Gifts.

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Pin Traders is still the only home of MagicBand+ at EPCOT. We have not seen any of these bands sell out since their debut on July 27, 2022.

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The celebration of “Hercules” 25th anniversary continues with a new pegasus button-up shirt.

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Grab the new Food & Wine Festival 2022 tray and start eating your way around World Showcase.

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This precious Tuk Tuk shoulder plush has rolled its way onto shelves at Creations Shop.

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Purple tie-dye, they have plenty. A new “The Little Mermaid” t-shirt is now available. You can also grab the latest Figment ringer shirt at Creations Shop as well.

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The perfect match to the Figment shirt are these new sparkly Figment earrings.

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As the 50th Anniversary celebration continues, the Vault Collection continues to grow. A new popgrip and water bottle are now at Port of Entry. Will this water bottle be your next emotional support water bottle?

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We took a quick stop into The Seas Pavilion to say hello to our friends.

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At the France Pavilion, we keep seeing Disneyland Paris 30th anniversary merchandise pop up. Today we found a new mug to help you commemorate this celebration.

Time to find more merchandise! We’re headed over to Disney Springs.

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Disney Style now has a new Princess Jasmine inspired wind breaker.

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Dress your Disney nuiMOs in new Pride outfits. You can purchase these at World of Disney.

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We don’t talk about Bruno, but we will wear a Spirit Jersey dedicated to him.

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We discovered even more Haunted Mansion merchandise at World of Disney.

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Your morning coffee or tea will have an extra spice of Disney when you use this new Minnie Mouse mug.

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Finally, the 50th Anniversary Partners Statue MagicBand+ has arrived. We spotted it at Pin Traders.

That wraps up are our day of merchandise searching, and strolling around the Walt Disney World Resort. Thanks for joining us and we’ll see ya real soon.

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