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PHOTOS: Full List of MagicBand+ Designs (With Prices) Available at Walt Disney World Resort

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Today’s the big day, and we visited all four Walt Disney World theme parks this morning to ensure we could show you all MagicBand+ designs available.

WDW MagicBand 12

The Emporium in Magic Kingdom was busy with people trying to buy the new bands.

WDW MagicBand 13
WDW MagicBand 14

A sign indicated there are two MagicBand+ prices. It appears that all solid color bands are “sage,” or $34.99, while all bands with designs are “slate,” or $44.99.

WDW MagicBand 15

There is a limit of two per MagicBand+ design per guest. This means guests can buy multiple bands, but only two of one design.

magicband 2
magicband 4

Most MagicBand+ designs were available at all four parks this morning.

magicband 58
magicband 59

Cinderella Castle 50th Anniversary MagicBand+ – $44.99

WDW MagicBand Pink 50th anniversary Cinderella Castle 6

This special 50th anniversary design is pink with a sparkly golden Cinderella Castle-inspired design.

WDW MagicBand Pink 50th anniversary Cinderella Castle 1

It’s patterned with shield shapes and the silhouette of Cinderella Castle.

WDW MagicBand Pink 50th anniversary Cinderella Castle 8

The 50th anniversary Cinderella Castle logo is on the center puck.

WDW MagicBand Pink 50th anniversary Cinderella Castle 3
WDW MagicBand Pink 50th anniversary Cinderella Castle 7
WDW MagicBand Pink 50th anniversary Cinderella Castle 5
magicband 7

In My Disney Experience, you can pick a color theme for your MagicBand+ lights. The 50th anniversary band has two custom color themes.

Orange Bird MagicBand+ – $44.99

WDW MagicBand Orange Bird 1

This MagicBand+ is blue with an orange slice puck.

WDW MagicBand Orange Bird 2
WDW MagicBand Orange Bird 3

Orange Bird is pictured on each end, with music notes, white flowers, and oranges.

WDW MagicBand Orange Bird 4

Black Panther MagicBand+ – $44.99

WDW MagicBand Black Panther 4

This MagicBand+ features Black Panther.

WDW MagicBand Black Panther 2

It’s black with purple and grey accents.

WDW MagicBand Black Panther 3
WDW MagicBand Black Panther 5

Black Panther is featured on one end.

WDW MagicBand Black Panther 1

“King of Wakanda” is on the other end.

Wilderness Explorer MagicBand+ – $44.99

WDW MagicBand Up 5 scaled

This colorful MagicBand+ is inspired by “Up.”

WDW MagicBand Up 1 scaled

The center puck has a “W” and “E” for “Wilderness Explorers.”

WDW MagicBand Up 2 scaled

Carl’s house with balloons coming out of the chimney is on one end.

WDW MagicBand Up 3 scaled

Other “Up” icons, including Carl’s glasses, a dog plane, and the grape soda cap are on the other end.

Park Icons MagicBand+ – $44.99

WDW MagicBand Park Icons 2 scaled

This MagicBand+ is white with a blue puck.

WDW MagicBand Park Icons 4 scaled

One end features Cinderella Castle and the Tree of Life.

WDW MagicBand Park Icons 3 scaled
WDW MagicBand Park Icons 5 scaled

“Walt Disney World” is printed along the edge.

WDW MagicBand Park Icons 1 scaled

“Walt Disney World” is in white on the puck.

WDW MagicBand Park Icons 6 scaled

Spaceship Earth and The Twilight Zone Tower of Terror are on the other end.

Fireworks MagicBand+ – $44.99

WDW MagicBand Fireworks 1 scaled

This black MagicBand+ is inspired by Magic Kingdom fireworks.

WDW MagicBand Fireworks 2 scaled

One end reads, “To all who come to this happy place: welcome,” a quote by Walt Disney.

WDW MagicBand Fireworks 3 scaled
WDW MagicBand Fireworks 4 scaled

The center puck is sparkly silver with debossed fireworks.

WDW MagicBand Fireworks 5 scaled

Fireworks are featured above Cinderella Castle on the other end.

“The Mandalorian” MagicBand+ – $44.99

WDW MagicBand Grogu Bounty Hunter 4 scaled

This MagicBand+ features Grogu from “The Mandalorian.”

WDW MagicBand Grogu Bounty Hunter 5 scaled

The center puck is red-orange.

WDW MagicBand Grogu Bounty Hunter 2 scaled
WDW MagicBand Grogu Bounty Hunter 3 scaled

Grogu is on one end, with Aurebesh reading “The Asset.”

WDW MagicBand Grogu Bounty Hunter 1 scaled

The rest of the band is designed to look like faded armor.

Tinker Bell MagicBand+ – $44.99

WDW MagicBand Tinker Bell 4 scaled

This MagicBand+ is white with small stars.

WDW MagicBand Tinker Bell 1 scaled

The center puck features a keyhole.

WDW MagicBand Tinker Bell 5 scaled

Tinker Bell is on one end with a finger to her lips.

WDW MagicBand Tinker Bell 2 scaled

Big Ben, with the flying silhouettes of Peter Pan, Wendy, John, Michael, and Tink, is on the other end.

Millennium Falcon MagicBand+ – $44.99

WDW MagicBand Millennium Falcon 3 scaled

This MagicBand+ is light grey.

WDW MagicBand Millennium Falcon 2 scaled

The center puck has a white image resembling the window of the Millennium Falcon cockpit.

WDW MagicBand Millennium Falcon 4 scaled

The Falcon flies through a red landscape away from TIE Fighters on one end.

WDW MagicBand Millennium Falcon 1 scaled

“Millennium Falcon” is on the other end.

“Toy Story” MagicBand+ – $44.99

WDW MagicBand Toy Story 5 scaled

This MagicBand+ has a grey background with white and blue images.

WDW MagicBand Toy Story 1 scaled

Woody is on one end with his name.

WDW MagicBand Toy Story 4 scaled

An alien is on the center puck.

WDW MagicBand Toy Story 2 scaled

Buzz Lightyear is on the other end with his name.

Mickey Mouse MagicBand+ – $44.99

WDW MagicBand Mickey Multicolored 1 scaled

This MagicBand+ is black, with circle designs on the ends.

WDW MagicBand Mickey Multicolored 3 scaled

Mickey’s face is in black and white on the puck.

WDW MagicBand Mickey Multicolored 2 scaled

The circles create rainbow Mickey heads.

WDW MagicBand Mickey Multicolored 4 scaled

“Be Happy” MagicBand+ – $44.99

WDW MagicBand be happy 3 scaled

This MagicBand+ has a soft pink and blue design.

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vacationeer TopBarAD2020 v2
WDW MagicBand be happy 1 scaled

“Be happy” is in cursive on the blue puck.

WDW MagicBand be happy 4 scaled

Cinderella Castle is in blue on one end, against a pink cloudy sky.

WDW MagicBand be happy 5 scaled

Mickey holds a balloon, floating near the sun, on the other end.

Pride MagicBand+ – $44.99

WDW MagicBand Pride 1 scaled

This MagicBand+ is bright blue.

WDW MagicBand Pride 2 scaled

The center puck is a rainbow ombre with a white silhouette of Cinderella Castle.

WDW MagicBand Pride 4 scaled

“Pride” is in rainbow letters on one end. A Mickey head dots the “i.”

WDW MagicBand Pride 3 scaled

A rainbow of Mickey outlines is on the other end.

Monsters University MagicBand+ – $44.99

WDW MagicBand Monsters University 3 scaled

This MagicBand+ is blue with an all-over pattern of Monsters University icons.

WDW MagicBand Monsters University 2 scaled

There are white silhouettes of Sulley and Mike, pennants, and the Monsters University emblem.

WDW MagicBand Monsters University 1 scaled

“MU” is on the puck.

WDW MagicBand Monsters University 4 scaled

Darth Vader MagicBand+ – $44.99

WDW MagicBand Darth Vader 2 scaled

Darth Vader is featured on one end of this black MagicBand+.

WDW MagicBand Darth Vader 1 scaled

His name is in red against an image of the Death Star on the other end.

WDW MagicBand Darth Vader 4 scaled

The puck is red with the Galactic Empire logo in white.

Disney Princesses MagicBand+ – $44.99

WDW MagicBand Princesses 1 scaled

This MagicBand+ is pink, with a crown and stars on the center puck.

WDW MagicBand Princesses 2

The faces of various Disney Princesses are pictured across the band.

WDW MagicBand Princesses 3 scaled
WDW MagicBand Princesses 4 scaled

The princesses include Tiana, Snow White, Cinderella, Aurora, and Moana.

Disney Mom MagicBand+ – $44.99

magicband 7 1

This MagicBand+ is red with white images of stars and Minnie bows.

magicband 5

Minnie is on one end.

magicband 6

“Disney Mom” is on the puck.

magicband 8

Disney Dad MagicBand+ – $44.99

magicband 45

The dad MagicBand+ is blue, with “Disney Dad” on the puck.

magicband 46
magicband 47

It has Mickey on one end and Mickey ear hat shapes all over.

Minnie Mouse MagicBand+ – $44.99

magicband 9

This MagicBand+ is lilac purple with white and dark purple polka-dots.

magicband 10

The puck is a sparkly dark purple with a castle image.

magicband 11
magicband 12

Minnie Mouse, in a stylish outfit, is on the other end.

Grumpy MagicBand+ – $44.99

magicband 17

This band is black, with a silvery center puck reading “Grumpy.”

magicband 18
magicband 16

One end is patterned with white outlines of Grumpy.

magicband 19

One large image of Grumpy is on the other end.

Stitch MagicBand+ – $44.99

magicband 20

Stitch is lounging beneath a palm tree on this MagicBand+.

magicband 22

He’s surrounded by colorful shapes and flowers.

magicband 21

The band is white, and the center puck is blue. It reads, “‘Ohana means family.”

magicband 23

Disney Snaks MagicBand+ – $44.99

magicband 30

This magenta MagicBand+ celebrates all our favorite Disney Parks snacks.

magicband 33

The silhouette of a Premium Mickey Ice Cream Bar with a bite taken out of it is on the center puck.

magicband 34

The rest of the band is patterned with snacks like candy apples, churros, ice cream sandwiches, macaroons, Mickey pretzels, and more.

magicband 38

Mickey Mouse MagicBand+ – $44.99

magicband 31

This MagicBand+ is grey.

magicband 32

It features black and white images of Mickey all over.

magicband 35

It has a more traditional Mickey puck.

magicband 37

Mickey is in full color on one end.

Iron Man MagicBand+ – $44.99

magicband 61

This band is red, with a design inspired by Iron Man’s armor. The center puck features his arc reactor.

Minnie Mouse MagicBand+ – $44.99

magicband 62

This white MagicBand+ has red and black polka dots with images of Minnie’s red and white bow.

Light Blue MagicBand+ – $34.99

magicband 48

This MagicBand+ is solid colored light blue.

magicband 54
magicband 55
magicband 56

It also has a Mickey puck.

Lilac MagicBand+ – $34.99

magicband 57

Another solid-colored band is lilac.

magicband 50
magicband 52
magicband 53

Cream MagicBand+ – $34.99

magicband 24

Cast Members reported issues with the cream, navy blue, and red MagicBand+ designs, but they were still available for sale in some locations this morning.

magicband 25
magicband 27
magicband 28

Navy MagicBand+ – $34.99

magicband 42
magicband 40
magicband 41
magicband 43
magicband 44

We got to try the red, navy, and black bands when they were accidentally released early in May.

White MagicBand+ – $44.99

magicband solid colors 0 scaled
magicband solid colors 1 scaled
magicband solid colors 2 scaled

Magenta MagicBand+ – $44.99

magicband solid colors 7 scaled
magicband solid colors 5 scaled
magicband solid colors 4 scaled
magicband solid colors 6 scaled

Gray MagicBand+ – $44.99

magicband solid colors 11 scaled
magicband solid colors 10 scaled
magicband solid colors 8 scaled

Charging Cable – $7.99

WDW MagicBand Charging Cable 2

NOTE: Each MagicBand+ comes with a cable. These separate cables are in case you want a spare, or you lose the original cable.

WDW MagicBand Charging Cable 3
WDW MagicBand Charging Cable 1

A Partners Statue design was also announced but not available this morning. It reportedly went to Cast Members, Club 33 members, and media during previews and will be restocked for the general public later.

Which MagicBand+ design are you hoping to use? Let us know in the comments.

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