FIRST LOOK: All the Details of the New MagicBand+ at Walt Disney World

We broke the news earlier this morning that the new MagicBand+ has debuted at Walt Disney World. Of course, we had to have one, so let’s take a full look at the new band. Please note that it seems these have been released early, and neither Guest Relations nor Disney IT knew how to link them to My Disney Experience. They advised us to hold on to the bands until the system is ready.

eagKQs5O WDW MagicBand 1

Here’s a look at all three colors we found today, each $29.99. We purchased a black MagicBand+.

WDW MagicBand 15
WDW MagicBand 12

Unlike the regular MagicBands, MagicBand+ must be charged for use. It comes with a charger and USB cord (which appears to be USB-A).

WDW MagicBand 13
WDW MagicBand 14
WDW MagicBand 11
WDW MagicBand 9 1

To charge the MagicBand+, snap the band into the charger with the Mickey icon in the center. The band comes charged at the time of purchase. One of our bands came fully charged while the other was only partially charged (and its icon lit up yellow when plugged in to indicate the battery status).

WDW MagicBand 16
WDW MagicBand 17
WDW MagicBand 8 1
WDWMAgicBand back

On the back, you can see where the charger will match up with the band.

WDW MagicBand 19

Here’s a look at the band snapped into the charger.

WDW MagicBand 18

A green light pulsed while it was plugged in. To remove the band from the charger, gently push up on either side.

sJiAxAFy WDW MagicBand 6

Here’s a look at the band out of the packaging. Like the older models, part of the strap can be removed to adjust the size. From our experience, children will likely need to remove the extra band piece.

eagKQs5O WDW MagicBand 1
wVZaXqiL WDW MagicBand 7
knidWO4G WDW MagicBand 4

The band is comparable to the older models, but a little top-heavy.

Yd7jvcsI WDW MagicBand 2
aWX4HV7P WDW MagicBand 3
XXchXAGn WDW MagicBand 5
WDW MagicBand 21

Another one of our reporters, who purchased a red MagicBand+, got the Mickey icon to turn green while trying to link the band at Guest Relations.

WDW MagicBand vs MagicBand 2

For comparison purposes, here’s a look at the MagicBand+ (left) next to the MagicBand 2 (right).

The MagicBand+ will have special abilities around the parks, such as interacting with the Fab 50 statues, bounty hunting at Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge, and haptic interactions with shows. We don’t know when those features will go live, but stay tuned to WDWNT as we take our new MagicBand+ around the parks and test it out once it is able to be linked to My Disney Experience.

For now, check out all the details in our video below.

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  1. I wonder if it was accidentally on sale and isn’t supposed to be, since it’s not actually functional and Disney didn’t milk a “launching next Friday!” Release hype opportunity. Has anyone seen them for sale anywhere else on property?

  2. This doesn’t look anything like the prototype they’re advertised in the past whenya rumoured price point of $50. What’s happened?

  3. I haven’t been able to find them yet. Also it would be awesome if as a pass holder it would link to a credit card so you can tap and go for purchases. It would also create a great experience that when you do make a purchase it would read that you’re a pass holder and give you any discounts. The bands have so much opportunity I think you need a white session with me.

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