PHOTO REPORT: Universal Studios Hollywood 8/16/22 (Pass Member Appreciation, Secret Doughnut, Engraved Wand, Pumpkin Monster, Dinosaur Cocktails and More)

Quiet on set; we’re ready to roll! We headed out to Universal Studios Hollywood today to enjoy the first day of USH Pass Member Appreciation days and see what else is new. So come along to see everything we found at Universal Studios Hollywood in today’s photo report.

USH Pass Member Appreciation Days

Pass Member Appreciation Days starts today, so we came out to take advantage of all the offers extended to us. This flyer was given to us at the parking booth, with listings of everything we can expect.

Universal CityWalk Hollywood

20220816 110725 scaled

As part of the USH Pass Member Appreciation Days, Voodoo Doughnut has a secret menu item exclusively for Pass Members — the Churro Doughnut. We got one and have your full review right here.

USH Globe entrance area

Let’s head into the park.

USH HHN Prep sign entrance 1

In front of the gate, a sign warns us of all the horrors awaiting inside as they prepare for Halloween Horror Nights.

USH HHN Prep sign entrance 2

Upper Lot

USH HHN Scare Zone Dia de los Muertos

The Dia de Los Muertos area inside Universal Plaza is beginning to be installed ahead of the event.

USH HHN Scare Zone Haunted Forest 1

And there are plenty of other spookables throughout the park, like this Haunted Forest display outside of the Animal Actors Studio show.

USH HHN Scare Zone Haunted Forest 2
USH HHN Scare Zone Haunted Forest 5

This set looks amazing already. We can’t wait for HHN to open so we can see this under show conditions.

USH HHN Scare Zone Haunted Forest 3
USH HHN Scare Zone La Llorona 1

The sets for El Pueblo del Terror are set up along French Street, near the exit of the upcoming La Llorona house.

HHN Scare Zone Posters

Each of the frames features a cover from the fictional “Historias de Terror y Muerta” pulp magazine that has one of several traditional folktale monsters of Mexico and Central America.

USH HHN Scare Zone La Llorona 2
HHN USH Decorations Minion Cafe

There is also this gargoyle sign for the Minion Café, which might be the best set decoration that the Café has ever had.

USH Pass Member magnet

We stopped into the Studio Store to pick up our complimentary Minion Magnet, declaring our fealty as a Pass Member. And, of course, we had to come take some pictures at Super Silly Fun Land.

Wand Engraving USH 3

Another perk for USH Pass Member Appreciation Days is free wand engraving for Pass Members at Ollivander’s in the Wizarding World of Harry Potter. We got the new Dumbledore wand from the “Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them” series and had it engraved along the shaft of the wand.

Wand Engraving USH 1
Wand Engraving USH 2

The engraving is done in a flat (undecorated) part of the wand, and the exterior is scraped off to reveal the white plastic underneath. Our reporter chose to engrave his social media name in this wand, but it can be customized to any message.

Lower Lot

SNW Painting 1

Super Nintendo World is relatively unchanged since our last check-in. The blue wall being painted continues to grow, but that is about it.

SNW Painting 2
Dino Tiki cup USH Isla Nu Bar single

We found a new tiki cup available at Isla Nu Bar, the first themed tiki cup exclusively for the bar.

Dino Tiki cup USH Isla Nu Bar four of them

The design features several Velociraptors running around the cup, with the Jurassic Park/Jurassic World logo at the bottom and palm fronds running along the top.

jurassic cafe drinks 140628 scaled

Even without the themed cup, we stopped in to have a couple of new Jurassic cocktails now available at Jurassic Café.

jurassic cafe drinks 142644 scaled

You can see our full video review of both cocktails on our YouTube channel, or by clicking the video below:

USH HHN Scare Zone Haunted Forest 4

Our Martini Shot of the day is a look back at our favorite monster from the Haunted Forest. This pumpkin man was hung at the front of the park for the 2019 season, and we are glad to see him come back for another year.

Thanks for riding along with us on our photo report from Universal Studios Hollywood. That’s a wrap!

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