Coca-Cola Rooftop Bar in Disney Springs No Longer Serving Alcohol, Liquor License Ended

When we stopped by the Coca-Cola Store Rooftop Bar today in Disney Springs, we noticed that all alcohol has been removed from the menu.

coca-cola store rooftop bar
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The rooftop bar was known for serving cocktails featuring Coca-Cola products, such as “Spiked Vanilla Coke” or “Blackberry Fresca Paloma”. Now those beverages are no longer available.

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A cast member at the location told us that “Coke just decided not to renew the liquor license.”

IMG 7466

The Habanero Lime Fresca is the featured beverage right now.

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The menu now centers around Coca-Cola products with no mention of alcohol.

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The Coca-Cola Freestyle machines are also down currently.

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Will the elimination of liquor from the menu keep you from visiting this bar next time you’re in Disney Springs? Let us know in the comments.

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14 thoughts on “Coca-Cola Rooftop Bar in Disney Springs No Longer Serving Alcohol, Liquor License Ended”

  1. I’m going to predict the agreements between Disney and Coke are getting reevaluated Ala H2O+. The store was not looking good last week and the Freestyle machines at CBR were not as well stocked as last year. Looks like all vendors are getting squeezed during contract renewals. Too bad all this savings isn’t being passed down to the guests.

  2. I always enjoyed going up there and relaxing with a cocktail, enjoying the view.

    I’m no booze hound. But I probably won’t be heading back up there very often at all anymore.

  3. I won’t be visiting for non-alcholoic drinks. I only visited the lounge to try new cocktails they created for different seasons of the year. I can get a coke anywhere on Disney Property.

  4. Good for them, now the rest of Disney places to eat or drink of all Disney Parks need to follow suit. Remember Walt did not want alcohol in his Parks and it should be that way for all time!!!

    • I totally understand your sentiment, but Disney Springs is not a park. I agree that parks should not have alcohol; I mean who wants to get drunk on a 100 degree day then go on a rollercoaster or some ride that spins you around?

      But Disney Springs is 60% restaurants so it makes sense to allow people to get drinks there…

  5. I don’t drink and this has been on my list to visit and enjoy the view. So, it pretty much doesn’t matter to me. Still looking forward finally visiting the roof in October – on a lazy evening. Just wish they’d hurry up and bring the polar bear back.

  6. I’ll be there more often. I don’t drink alcohol, and I was always bummed when some amazing sounding cocktail didn’t have a virgin version readily on the menu.

  7. That’s a shame. I have no reason to visit that location any more. As mentioned by another commenter, I can get a regular Coca-Cola brand product almost anywhere in the world. What does this location have now that makes it special and unique? Nothing. Now, it’s just an excessive and obnoxious and gargantuan and over-built Coke stand.
    As for the Walt purists, IMO, get a grip; some of Walt’s ideals were ignorant at best, a product of the past. Some humans like to drink alcoholic beverages, if you don’t…just worry about yourself.

  8. Coke is multi million dollar company, they can afford the license and will lose money by not renewing it.

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