New ‘Coco’ Housewares Available at Disneyland Resort for Day of the Dead 2022

Shannen Ace

New ‘Coco’ Housewares Available at Disneyland Resort for Day of the Dead 2022

Día de Los Muertos (Day of the Dead) is approaching, and Disneyland Resort is honoring the holiday with a new collection of “Coco” housewares.

"Coco" housewares

The merch features the main characters of “Coco”: Miguel, Héctor, Imelda, and Ernesto de la Cruz.

“Coco” Fabric Journal – $24.99

coco merchandise dl 9502 scaled

This journal has a fabric cover printed with an image of Héctor and Imelda in a heart. “El amor nunca muere” (love never dies) is embroidered around them. Three-dimensional orange knit and fabric flowers are attached.

coco merchandise dl 9504 scaled

The pages are lined and also feature Héctor and Imelda.

coco merchandise dl 9503 scaled

The spine is blue, and it has a blue elastic band.

“Coco” Oven Mitt & Towel Set – $39.99

coco merchandise dl 9526 scaled

This set includes a standard oven mitt, circular mitt, and towel.

coco merchandise dl 9527 scaled

The standard mitt and towel are off-white with an all-over pattern of images from “Coco,” including the characters, skeletons, and marigolds.

coco merchandise dl 9528 scaled

The circular mitt is black with a large orange marigold on it.

coco merchandise dl 9529 scaled

“Coco” Throw Blanket – $59.99

coco merchandise dl 9531 scaled

This throw blanket is blue with orange marigolds and tassels.

coco merchandise dl 9533 scaled

It features Miguel in his red mariachi outfit playing guitar.

coco merchandise dl 9534 scaled

The blanket is 50 in. by 60 in.

“Coco” Plate Set – $39.99

coco merchandise dl 9519 scaled

This set has four plates. They feature Héctor and Imelda, Ernesto, Dante, and the same all-over pattern as the oven mitt.

coco merchandise dl 9517 scaled

“Coco” Tray – $49.99

coco merchandise dl 9505 scaled

Héctor, Miguel, and Dante are dancing across this wood finish tray. It’s also covered in Day of the Dead imagery.

coco merchandise dl 9508 scaled

The edges are black.

coco merchandise dl 9506 scaled

“Coco” Coaster Set – $24.99

coco merchandise dl 9510 scaled

The coaster set comes in a wood holder. The four coasters feature a skull, Miguel, Dante, and Héctor’s guitar.

“Coco” Stoneware Pitcher – $39.99

coco merchandise dl 9521 scaled

The pitcher is white and covered in images of the characters, hearts, music notes, and marigolds.

coco merchandise dl 9522 scaled

“El mariachi” is below Miguel.

coco merchandise dl 9524 scaled
coco merchandise dl 9523 scaled

“Coco” Glass – $14.99

coco merchandise dl 9514 scaled

The glass has the same images as the rest of the merch, against a transparent background.

coco merchandise dl 9512 scaled
coco merchandise dl 9513 scaled
coco merchandise dl 9516 scaled

“Coco” Tote – $34.99

coco merchandise dl 090825 scaled

Héctor and Imelda are in a heart on this white tote. It has two over-the-shoulder black straps.

coco merchandise dl 090811 scaled

It also reads “el amor nunca muere.”

coco merchandise dl 090818 scaled
coco merchandise dl 090820 scaled

Marigolds are debossed on the corners of the bag.

coco merchandise dl 090828 scaled

The other side is blank.

coco merchandise dl 090832 scaled

It has no clasp or interior pockets.

Will you be using any of these “Coco” housewares? Let us know in the comments.

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  1. Yes,I have seen many souviners and pictures of the characters from the movie Coco but there is nothing of Mama Coco. I am looking for a doll of Mama Coco. She was one of the main chacters in the movie but yet I don’t see anything being sold ofher: No dolls, T shirts, sweatshirts, pictures, nothing!!! WHY???.Can you please send me a link of where I can find souviners of Mama Coco? I was in Disneyland a couple ofmonths ago and found nothing of her! Thank you for your time. With respect, Mary Sandoval, from Fresno, Ca.

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