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Funnel Cloud Forms Near Walt Disney World, No Tornado Touchdown

Although Florida isn’t exactly known for its lack of extreme weather, tornadoes are still something of a rarity around the area. So it was extremely surprising to guests around Walt Disney World who spotted a funnel cloud, precursor to a tornado, forming near the resort this evening.

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Credit: Andrew Klatt on Facebook

Guests particularly at EPCOT noticed high winds and even a pretty sizeable funnel cloud forming near Walt Disney World.

Some others sent in video of the situation.

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The cloud did not touch down and become a tornado, but many guests took shelter within buildings as recommended by authorities. It later dissipated into a standard thunderstorm.

Walt Disney World Resort has precautions in place for all extreme weather incidents, including tornadoes, so in the event of an emergency, please follow directions given by Cast Members in order to safely seek shelter.

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  1. Hopefully everyone is safe and they are lucky to be at epcot where you got plenty of places to seek shelters you could be at dak and seeing that! Very scary either way.

  2. Not to burst anyone’s Disney bubble, but if that tornado touches down, no amount of wdw safety protocols will make much difference. Most tornadoes don’t stick around long but it could have and likely would have plowed under half the park before the world showcase patrons even heard an announcement. Tornado alley residents aren’t crazy, we’ve just seen this happen too many times.

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