New Haunted Mansion Light Up Chess Set Available at Disneyland Resort

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New Haunted Mansion Light Up Chess Set Available at Disneyland Resort

With spooky season right around the corner, we’ve been seeing a lot more Halloween inspired merchandise. In World of Disney in the Downtown Disney District, we spotted a Haunted Mansion chess set.

Haunted Mansion Light Up Chess Set – $99.99

HM Chess Set

On the front of the box is the Haunted Mansion logo. From the outside, you can see one of each chess piece.

HM Chess Set 2

The back of the box details the contents along with an image showing the full setup, so you can see how the pieces are intended to correspond with traditional chess. Along the sides, you can see images of some of the pieces.

HM Chess Set 11

They had a display board set up. The pawns are a mix of the iconic raven and the bat stanchions found in the queue. The board also features the Groundskeeper as the rook, the Headless Knight as the knight, the Hitchhiking Ghosts as the bishop, Madame Leota as the queen, and the Hatbox Ghost as the King.

HM Chess Set 8

The side of the board has intricate vines with gargoyles atop them. Next to the rightmost gargoyle is also the light switch for the board and a charger port.

HM Chess Set 5

The pieces are light blue and light pink and all translucent to allow some of the light to shine through.

HM Chess Set 6

Is it really the Haunted Mansion if you don’t have the hitchhiking ghosts? Luckily, they made the cut as one of the pieces in the set.

HM Chess Set 9

Will you add this Haunted Mansion light up chess set to your board game rotation? Let us know in the comments.

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  1. Would have been nice to see it lit up, like in dim room or something. Are the pieces plastic, glass, stone, ceramic, or other? $100 pretty expensive for plastic.

  2. I’m assuming this is at the world of Disney store in downtown Disney. Is that correct?

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