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REVIEW: NEW “Hard Liquor” Mixed Cocktails, Dan Dan Noodles That Replaced Pad Thai, and More at Skipper Canteen in Magic Kingdom

Has cruising around the jungle made you as hungry as a hippo? The Jungle Navigation Co. LTD Skipper Canteen has several new menu items for all the skippers and visitors to feast on. The new menu items include drinks and entrées, and we had to try them ourselves.

Irrawaddy Irma’s Hanger Steak – $38

Ginger and Soy-marinated Sliced Hanger Steak served with Garlic Rice, Frisée, and Pickled Onions

IMG 0536

Irrawaddy Irma’s Hanger Steak debuted earlier this year as a replacement for Dr. Falls Signature Grilled Steak. The hanger steak was slightly over-salted, but it was perfectly cooked and tender.

Skipper Canteen new menu items 9 2022 9 1

The rice was a nice accompaniment. Overall, this was a big improvement over the former steak dish.

Sustainable Fish – $32

“Not Piranha” served over Bok Choy, Lotus Root, Bell Peppers, and Shiitake Mushrooms in a light Ginger-Lemon Grass Broth

IMG 0555

There was a nice plump piece of fish, cooked nicely and well breaded. The taste was not overly fishy, but the broth being oversalted did ruin it a bit.

Skipper Canteen new menu items 9 2022 5

The vegetables around the perimeter were fine. It was an average dish that could have been better if not for the broth.

Skipper Dan’s Dan Dan Noodles – $26

Thin Noodles tossed in a savory Spicy Chili Sauce topped with Crispy Pork, Pickled Mustard Greens, Radish, and Cucumbers

Skipper Canteen new menu items 9 2022 3

When we asked our server for the Dan Dan Noodles, she warned us that it was going to be super spicy. She wasn’t kidding. Each bite only increased in spiciness. The ground beef on the bottom of the noodles tasted like taco meat. The seasoning was fine, but there was definitely a kick.

IMG 0548

While it reminded us of the noodles from ‘Ohana, it was a bit of a downgrade.

Kids’ Create-Your-Own Entrées

Skipper Canteen new menu items 9 2022 11

Chef Tandaji’s Crispy Chicken – $11

with steamed broccoli and seasonal fruit

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IMG 9416

The kids’ chicken fingers weren’t anything special. Just your standard theme park chicken. It was a little chewy, but the breading was crispy and salted.

Junior Skip’s Macaroni & Cheese – $10

with french fries and steamed broccoli

Skipper Canteen new menu items 9 2022 12

This was a small step above the standard kids’ menu mac ’n cheese at Walt Disney World, but not by much. It’s a safe choice for picky kids.


Skipper Canteen new menu items 9 2022 1

Jungle Bird – $14.50

Gosling Black Seal Rum, Campari Liqueur, Cane Syrup, with Pineapple and Lime Juices

IMG 9396

The Jungle Bird tasted like a very subdued fruit punch. The alcohol is very subtle. The fruit flavoring comes through on the back end.

Skipper Canteen new menu items 9 2022 10

Our server mentioned that the formula for this drink is being played with, so this may not be the permanent recipe.

Golden Haze Margarita – $16.50

Teremana Blanco Tequila, Grand Marnier Liqueur, Agave Syrup, Lime Juice, and Smoked Chili Bitters

IMG 0525

The alcohol is more noticeable in this drink, but that doesn’t make it any better. The taste is super tart and syrup-heavy, but the margarita flavor is still there. It was simply average, and we would not go out of our way for it.

Overall, out of the new dishes, we would only order the Irrawaddy Irma’s Hanger Steak again. The drinks were okay, but nothing warranted a return visit.

Would you try the new menu items at the Jungle Navigation Co. LTD Skipper Canteen? If so, which item would you try? Let us know in the comments below!

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  1. We ordered the Dan Dan noodles. They were trash. Spicy, but just spicy- not any actual flavor. Kind of greasy, slightly sweet. Meat had no flavor. Didn’t finish them and shared my meal with my teen that ordered the noodles. They weren’t even hot.

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