Disneyland Paris Annual Passholders Plan Protest Against Park Reservation System

Disneyland Paris Annual Passholders fed up with the park reservation system have organized a protest scheduled for Saturday, October 22.

The protest, organized “Les Oreilles Jaunes,” asks guests to wear yellow Mickey ears (or any yellow clothing) and meet in front of the Disneyland Hotel at 2 p.m. local time. The organizers ask protesters to remain peaceful and respectful while expressing their dissatisfaction. As of the writing of this article, 162 people have registered as “going,” with 1,500 people expressing interest in the event.

Disneyland Paris enacted the system beginning in July 2020, when the parks reopened after their COVID-19 shutdown. In June 2021, Annual Passholders were restricted to hold only three park reservations at any given time. This past June, a waitlist was created for Annual Passholders who couldn’t get reservations on the day they wanted.

Have you been satisfied with the reservation system? Sound off in the comments!

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6 thoughts on “Disneyland Paris Annual Passholders Plan Protest Against Park Reservation System”

  1. Aparently they didnt get the memo folks over here tried and it didnt wrk bc wdw/dl saying its for safety reasons can not be argued. It also helps the cms bc it was up to them to keep up w capacity limits which is not their job. So now the system keeps capacity. I could get the arguement if we were all not 100% open like in the beginning but now that we are like i said kinda hard to argue safety.

  2. The big problem with the reservation in disneyland paris is
    – you can’t come to the park with your pass but you can if you pay a full price ticket
    Same for « billets privilèges » cheaper ticket for your friends You have to make a reservation and the problem is the same : IMPOSSIBLE ! But yours friends can come but FULL PRICE !

  3. But the reservation system allows the boy from Denver to get into the park. Chapek said so. That boy from Denver will have trouble in Paris!

  4. As a former CM and given how Disney is struggling to hire and retain Cast Members I can see the need for a system to manage guest counts and ensure staffing, however from a Guest perspective it is extremely frustrating. Perhaps Disney should also come to a better understanding with the unions as well in order to return staff to pre-pandemic levels to accommodate greater Guest capacity.

  5. No one is happy with it, except for HR as the get to know just how many people to schedule to work. It works for them and is designed to punish the worthless guest – the annual passholder. Disney positively cannot stand annual passholders as they think they are getting something “for free”. It’s all short-sighted of course as these super fans over the long term spend significantly more and become ambassadors for the brand versus the one-off guest that visits every 5 or 10 years. Disney at this point seems to focus just on what is directly in front of them on a nearly hour by hour basis even. There has been so much damage to the brand with these super fans being turned away and turned off to the brand. At the end of the day, the one-off customer loses interest after time.

    It’s a shame that the annual passholders cannot get access to what they have paid for. I let mine expire in 2020 and do not look to have one any time soon.

  6. Ironically we were unable to get park reservations for this day 😅 We come from the UK and have had real issues as we go for more than 3 days, so it’s a real pot luck of if we can actually get in for the last few days of our trip, and is the main reason we aren’t renewing. Might go join them…


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