Splashdown Photos Partially Closed at Magic Kingdom

A wall of scrim now blocks part of Splashdown Photos from guest access. The shop is next to Splash Mountain in Magic Kingdom and is expected to get an update to coincide with the opening of Tiana’s Bayou Adventure in 2024.

splashdown scrim oct 2022 5723

The woodsy store probably doesn’t need significant alterations to fit with the bayou setting of the new attraction.

splashdown scrim oct 2022 5724

The brown scrim blocks a section of the shop behind ear headbands and light-up wand displays.

splashdown scrim oct 2022 5717

It’s not clear if this scrim indicates the beginning of the Splash Mountain retheme or just a refurbishment.

splashdown scrim oct 2022 5719
splashdown scrim oct 2022 5720
splashdown scrim oct 2022 5721
splashdown scrim oct 2022 5722

A flat of Br’er Rabbit remains in the store for now.

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  1. I was hoping we could plan one last trip to say goodbye to splash mountain. But since Disney refuses to say the closing date, and seeing this sign….i’m scared to commit to something financially and then it’s already closed when we get there.


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