‘The Imagineering Story’ Book Coming November 8, Now Available for Preorder

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‘The Imagineering Story’ Book Coming November 8, Now Available for Preorder

For casual and hardcore Disney fans alike, the Disney+ series “The Imagineering Story” was a massive hit. Chronicling the long and storied history of Walt Disney Imagineering from the 1950s to today (and beyond), the series received glowing reviews and two Emmy nominations. Now, a new “The Imagineering Story” book brings the stories and information from the show—along with new details—into print.

'The Imagineering Story' book cover
‘The Imagineering Story’ book cover

“The Imagineering Story: The Official Biography of Walt Disney Imagineering” (Hardcover) by Leslie Iwerks

The hardcover book weighs in at a massive 752 pages and “greatly expands” on what was presented in the 6-episode miniseries, including new details and stories that didn’t make it to air. From Walt Disney himself and WED Enterprises to Imagineering of modern day, the book covers 70 years of Disney innovation—and some mistakes along the way. From Disney Publishing:

The highly acclaimed and rated Disney+ documentary series, The Imagineering Story, becomes a book that greatly expands the award-winning filmmaker Leslie Iwerks’ narrative of the fascinating history of Walt Disney Imagineering. The entire legacy of WDI is covered from day one through future projects with never-before-seen access and insights from people both on the inside and on the outside. So many stories and details were left on the cutting room floor―this book allows an expanded exploration of the magic of Imagineering.

The book is now available for preorder on Amazon for under $30 (as of publishing) and will officially release on November 8th, 2022. A digital version is also available.

50th Anniversary book covers

Readers and holiday gift shoppers looking for a more focused history related to Disney Parks should check out two recent Walt Disney World 50th anniversary books as the 18-month event starts to wrap.

“A Portrait of Walt Disney World: 50 Years of The Most Magical Place on Earth” is over 300 pages about the resort from Disney itself. This coffee table book includes some of the most iconic photographs and concept art from the last five decades.

“Disney World at 50: The Stories of How Walt’s Kingdom Became Magic in Orlando” may be physically smaller at under 200 pages, but is an Editor’s Pick for Best Nonfiction composed by the Orlando Sentinel and contains articles and photos from their news archive, offering a more journalistic look at the 50-year history of Walt Disney World.

Both books offer historical looks at the storied past of The Florida Project from different viewpoints, attempting to capture the magic in different ways.


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