Drunk Woman Exposes Her Breast to Guests, Gets Arrested After Being Too Intoxicated to Operate The Uber App at Universal Orlando

An intoxicated Orlando woman was arrested for trespassing after she exposed herself at Universal last month and wouldn’t leave the property, police said.

Universal Security escorted the woman from Hard Rock Live Orlando to the parking garage on Oct. 5, according to a newly released Orlando Police Department arrest report. She had been acting disorderly at the concert venue, authorities said.

“Security escorted [her] to the fifth level in an effort to have her leave in a Taxi or Uber. Prior to her arriving to the level, she took off her bra and began to expose her breast to guest in the park,” the police report stated.

When Orlando Police arrived, “[She] had her bra off and was covering her breast partially with a cowboy hat.”

The woman had already been told to leave by Universal but she was having trouble leaving the property because of her state.

“[She] attempted to use her Uber app several times but was too intoxicated to complete the task,” the police report said. The police officer tried to help her, but she got upset and took her phone back. She headed back to the park.

Universal Studios Security warned police they wanted to press criminal charges if she did not leave the property. That’s when the woman was arrested for trespassing.

“While attempting to escort [her] to my vehicle, she would drop her weight and lock up with body in an effort to resist,” the police report said. “[She] caused assisting officers and I to fall while escorting her.”

The woman wasn’t injured and was taken to jail. She pleaded not guilty last month and then entered a pretrial diversion program which could help her avoid criminal charges.

“The Defendant has completed a course and paid a fee associated with this program,” her attorney Tad Yates wrote in a recent court filing. “To secure a dismissal of charges, the Defendant must have no law violations before January 20, 2023. If she has no such violations before that date, the City of Orlando will dismiss the charge against her in this case.”

Neither Yates nor the woman returned messages for comment. The woman’s name was redacted from this story after she asked WDWNT.com to not publish her identity.

The theme parks are family-fun vacation spots but public documents occasionally reveal the drunken depravity that happens — like the time two sisters got into a drunk, naked brawl at Disney Springs earlier this year.

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