Drunk guests fight at Disney Springs

Drunk Guests Take Clothes Off and Brawl at Disney Springs, Slip on Vomit into Bushes During Fight

In an ongoing series of recent fights at Walt Disney World, police arrested two drunk guests on multiple charges.

The arrest report reads like the plot of a “Jersey Shore” episode: Two sisters from New Jersey get into a drunken, naked fight. Only it didn’t happen in the Garden State. It took place at Disney Springs.

The two women, ages 29 and 31, were vacationing with their family in Orlando. That night, the sisters ate at a steakhouse and seemed to be having an enjoyable evening at first (even if they were 30 minutes late to their reservation). They got drinks at an Irish restaurant.

Then the problems began, small at first when they tried to go back to their hotel off Disney property. Their phone died. Disney Security helped them call an Uber. The Uber driver refused to take them, as he worried they were too drunk. The women argued while waiting for a taxi, and their night unraveled. The older sister called the younger sister a bad mom and slapped her. The younger sister threatened to punch her in return.

It was late, around 12:40 a.m., when the Orlando County Sheriff’s Office got a dispatch about a fight happening at Disney Springs.

Drunk guests fight at Disney Springs

The younger sister was screaming and crying when they arrived near Cirque du Soleil. She wore only her underwear and sandals.

“Deputies assisted [her] with putting on a blue jean jacket since she was not wearing any clothing,” the sheriff’s report said.

Deputies soon learned the story of what had happened. A Disney security manager witnessed nearly everything during the October 26 brawl. The sheriff’s office did not release the report until this week, months later.

“Both females were screaming at each other. [The security manager] said one female was sitting on a bench while the second female was standing over her. After attempting to calm the situation, [the security manager] said one female slapped the other in the face. At that point, both females began punching, slapping, and pulling each other’s hair,” the sheriff’s report said.

The security manager pulled the two drunk guests apart.

“Once separated, both sisters ran at each other, slipped in [the younger sister’s] vomit, then fell into the bushes while still fighting. [The security manager] stated [the younger sister] ran a few feet away and took off her dress, exposing her breasts. Shortly after, they began to punch each other again. [The security manager] and [another cast member who witnessed the fight] were able to separate the two again until the off-duty deputies arrived on scene.”

The report noted that Disney did not have video surveillance of the drunken, naked brawl.

When the deputies questioned the younger sister, the report said she only wanted to talk about how she didn’t like her sister’s boyfriend.

The officers arrested the drunk guests for domestic violence, battery, and disorderly intoxication, which are misdemeanor crimes. Neither woman sustained injuries.

“They were very intoxicated,” the sheriff’s report noted. “And endangered the safety of other guests and Cast Members at Disney Springs by physically fighting in a public area,”

In November, the state attorney’s office declined to pursue criminal charges. Both sisters requested the other not be prosecuted, according to Orange Circuit Court records. Since they aren’t facing criminal charges, the guests will remain unnamed.

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  1. Several questions.
    1. Was Pete Carney in anyway involved?! Seems like a liquid magic episode played to its logical conclusion.
    2. Why wasn’t Nick’s MaxiVan available?

  2. Wow, this is a gem of a story! Thanks, WDWNT, you made my day reading it. And as a native New Jerseyan who still lives here in hell, I am not at all offended and can attest to these type of people.

    More seriously though, I often wonder what Disney should do for public intoxication. It is a huge problem at EPCOT, especially during festivals, and it really damages not only the Guest experience but Disney’s reputation as “family friendly.”

  3. This is what Walt was afraid of when he said in that interview no alcohol in his park back in 1956 when all he had was Disneyland. Now he said at the end of a hard day at home he will take a drink but never at work or not working in the park period!!! So serving alcohol in the parks is disrespecting Walt and his family and leadership should be ashamed of them self!!!!!

  4. When ticket prices were affordable, you didn’t get entertainment like this at the Magic Kingdom.

  5. I’m really getting tired of my Disney news feed only showing headlines of people behaving badly in the parks. I understand that these headlines grab eyeballs, but I wish there were a way to filter out this crap. I’m interested in Disney, and I couldn’t care less about publicizing a bunch of jerks. The only reason I clicked on this story is to leave a comment to the WDWNT folks. I’m pretty sure it will not change the reporting but I wanted to make my feelings known.

      1. Tom what about Walt in 1956 saying that he did not want alcohol in Disneyland and I am sure that it would apply to WDW. He was afraid that something would happen when drunks have too much and parents of small children would not want their kids to see it. As far as Castmembers who serve the drinks by the time they think the guest has had too much it is already too late!

  6. And this is why we will not be returning. It has been going down hill fast and is no longer a safe family destination.

  7. Shouldn’t Disney employees be monitoring how many drinks guests are allowed to consume? This is as much Disney’s fault as it is the guests.

    1. well, bob the beancounter said he wanted more adult oriented entertainment. so here you go. and if the beancounter can sell tickets to these side shows, trust me, HE WILL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. No charges??? No wonder this type of behavior keeps happening. Shame on Disney and the prosecutor for not addressing this!

  9. “The report noted that Disney did not have video surveillance of the drunken, naked brawl.” – Yeah, right. Try again, Disney. We don’t believe that for one second.

  10. This is EXACTLY why Walt Disney banned the sale of alcohol when he was still alive. If he only knew…

  11. How is there no video of this incident, thousands of people are at disney springs every night, seems odd no one caught it on video.

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