New Her Universe, ‘Enchanted,’ ‘Treasure Planet,’ Wolverine, and More Pins at Disneyland Resort

The new pins at Disneyland Resort this month include a collection of Her Universe “Star Wars” pins, a pin celebrating 20 years of “Treasure Planet,” and another celebrating 15 years of “Enchanted.” All of these are available at 20th Century Music Co. in Disneyland Park.

Limited Release Rey Pin by Her Universe – $17.99

dl nov 2022 pins 094608

This pin features Rey’s silhouette against a golden background. It has a gray border and “Hero” on a banner across her. The Jedi Order symbol is at the bottom.

Limited Release Leia Pin by Her Universe – $17.99

dl nov 2022 pins 094620

Leia’s silhouette, with her iconic hair buns and a blaster, is against a white background with an orange border. The Rebel Alliance logo is at the bottom and “Rebel” is across her.

Limited Release Ahsoka Pin by Her Universe – $17.99

dl nov 2022 pins 094625

Ahsoka’s silhouette is on this pin with a purple border. “Survivor” is across her and the Jedi symbol is at the bottom.

Limited Release Bo-Katan Pin by Her Universe – $17.99

dl nov 2022 pins 094639

Mandalorian Bo-Katan is on this pin with a red border. “Warrior” is across her and a traditional Mandalorian helmet is at the bottom.

Limited Release Padme Pin by Her Universe – $17.99

dl nov 2022 pins 094647

Finally, this pin features the silhouette of Padme in one of her queen outfits. “Leader” is across her and the logo of the Galactic Republic is below.

Limited Release Disney Designer Collection Tiana Pin – $34.99

dl nov 2022 pins 094659

This pin is inspired by a new Princess Tiana doll coming soon as part of the Disney Designer Collection. This doll wears a different outfit from the Tiana doll released earlier this year.

dl nov 2022 pins 094706

The pin has a clear front and opens like a doll display box. Tiana’s hair is in a wavy bob and she wears a brown, white, and gold dress inspired by the costume she wears to Lottie’s party early in “The Princess and the Frog.”

dl nov 2022 pins 094719

The pin packaging includes information about the designer, Cathy Clark-Ramirez.

dl nov 2022 pins 094732

Limited Edition “Floating Down Main Street, U.S.A.” Simba Pin – $19.99

dl nov 2022 pins 094740

The latest Floating Down Main Street, U.S.A. pin features Simba asleep atop a green leafy hot air balloon. This has a limited edition size of 4,000.

Limited Release World Kindness Day Alice Pin – $17.99

dl nov 2022 pins 094815

In honor of World Kindness Day on November 13, Disneyland Resort released this pin reading “Kindness is a gift.” It features Alice handing a flower crown to her cat Dinah.

Limited Edition “Treasure Planet” 20th Anniversary Pin – $19.99

dl nov 2022 pins 094837

This limited edition pin honors the 20th anniversary of “Treasure Planet.” The edition size is 3,000 and it features Jim Hawkins, B.E.N., and Morph.

Limited Release Wolverine Pin – $17.99

dl nov 2022 pins 094913

Wolverine has joined the rest of the X-Men pin collection, appearing in his classic yellow and blue comics costume.

Limited Release “Enchanted” 15th Anniversary Pin – $17.99

dl nov 2022 pins 094929

This spinner pin features Queen Narissa at the top, looking down on Giselle falling through a portal.

dl nov 2022 pins 094955

It spins to reveal Prince Edward and Pip jumping through the portal after Giselle.

After 15 years, “Disenchanted,” the sequel to “Enchanted,” has finally premiered on Disney+.

Munchlings Mystery Pack Series 1 – $34.99

dl nov 2022 pins 095001

Finally, the first series of Disney Munchlings mystery pins is now available.

dl nov 2022 pins 095011

There are 16 pins in this collection and one bag contains 5 random pins.

dl nov 2022 pins 095014

The Disney Munchlings are sweet treats made to look like different Disney characters, like a Baymax s’more and Mickey cinnamon roll.

dl nov 2022 pins 095020

Which new pins will you be adding to your collection? Let us know in the comments.

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