REVIEW: Minnie Mouse Bundt Cake and Reindeer Mousse for the Holidays at Disney’s Hollywood Studios

Disney’s Hollywood Studios is decked out for the holidays, complete with new food and beverage offerings. At ABC Commissary, guests can find the new Holiday Minnie Mouse Bundt Cake and Reindeer Mousse, which join the returning Frozen Salted Caramel Hot Cocoa.

Holiday Minnie Mouse Bundt Cake – $5.99

Spice cake rolled in cinnamon-sugar with apple pie filling and topped with spiced maple buttercream and salted caramel icing

reindeer mousse07
reindeer mousse34

The spice cake is very good, and the cream on top is delicious. The cake is moist but fell apart and has a crumbly consistency.

reindeer mousse35

There is not much apple pie filling. We wish there would have been more to balance out the taste of the cake.

reindeer mousse61
reindeer mousse38

We would recommend sharing this dessert.

reindeer mousse40

Reindeer Mousse – $5.49

Spiced cherry-orange dark chocolate mousse, chocolate cake, and gold chocolate cookie base with dark chocolate glaze and milk chocolate buttercream

reindeer mousse08
reindeer mousse

This mousse is mostly sweet with a slight tart cherry taste inside. The shining gold cookie on the bottom is very hard and difficult to use a fork to get through.

reindeer mousse62

Since this dessert is so rich, we recommend splitting it and sharing.

A version of the Reindeer Mousse was available last year, but it was peanut butter and caramel cheesecake. This year’s is cherry-orange (and, in our opinion, much cuter).

Frozen Salted Caramel Hot Cocoa – $5.49

Topped with mini marshmallows and chocolate sauce.

reindeer mousse09

This drink is really delicious and rich. It’s a pretty big size, so it is a lot for one person.

FrozenSaltedCaramelHotCocoa 2

The drink itself is a frozen version of hot cocoa, complete with marshmallows on top with chocolate drizzle. The salted caramel flavor wasn’t very prominent, instead being lost in the sheer chocolatiness of this drink.

Frozen Salted Caramel Hot Chocolate with Cherry Bourbon — $13.50

Topped with mini marshmallows and chocolate sauce.

reindeer mousse57 scaled

You really have to like cherry to like this bourbon frozen hot cocoa.

reindeer mousse52 scaled

There is such a strong cherry taste, it’s good, but overpowering. We actually preferred the non-alcoholic version more than this.

reindeer mousse47 scaled

The Frozen Salted Caramel Hot Chocolate is available at PizzeRizzo, Backlot Express, ABC Commissary, and Rosie’s All–American Café.

All three items are available through January 1.

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