PHOTOS: Disney Gives Annual Passholders Golden Tapstiles at Magic Kingdom Entrance

The perks keep rolling in for Annual Passholders at Walt Disney World. New golden tapstiles have replaced the silver ones in the Annual Passholder entry lane at Magic Kingdom.

Golden Tapstiles

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As of this afternoon, all other lanes remain silver.

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While tapping in, we didn’t notice anything special happen.

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These golden tapstiles join the newly installed Passholder Entrance signs.

Did you notice these new tap stiles today?

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7 thoughts on “PHOTOS: Disney Gives Annual Passholders Golden Tapstiles at Magic Kingdom Entrance”

  1. I’m not sure why they bother. They let non-passholders go through the passholder entrances, so it’s nothing special. The past couple of times I’ve visited, I’ve been stuck in lines behind huge family groups of non-passholders and nothing gets said to them. Just another way to pretend passhokders are important.

    • I’m wondering why they even bother too
      …given they won’t sell any more of any other than the silly pixie pass for retirees.

      Even if you were a past pass holder they won’t let you renew if you missed your renewal window.

  2. They need some express lanes or at least a few that are for idiots who can’t figure out how tapping your band works to make it go faster for those of us who do know how they work. You know a lane for those who go “ so that’s how the seat belt on a plane works…I forgot, thanks for the demo .” or those who act like they have never seen a McDonalds menu when get get up to order in their drive through.

  3. This is really getting to be bs. Put them back on sale . Had to give ours up because of special needs family during pandemic. So now those who gave them up are punished and disrespected. Already selling our DVC we had since 05. Next giving up Disney completely.

  4. at the rate bob the beancounter is bleeding disney money and stock values, they will soon be replaced by lead tapstiles! sorry, but with how disney treats “fleeces” their guests, i have a hard time believing changing tapstiles is some kind of perk.


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