PHOTOS, VIDEO: ‘Believe! Sea of Dreams’ Nighttime Spectacular Debuts at Tokyo DisneySea

After nearly three years without a nighttime show, the triumphant return of Tokyo Disney Resort’s entertainment has been realized in the new “Believe! Sea of Dreams” nighttime show, which officially debuts later this week. The new show replaces Fantasmic!, which ran from 2011 to 2020. We were on hand for a preview performance, so come take a journey across the Sea of Dreams with us.

You can watch the full show with the new Hotel MiraCosta projections via the link above.


BelieveSeaofDreams 2 scaled

Peter Pan, Wendy, and the Lost Boys sail out to kick off the show on a giant, glimmering pirate ship.

BelieveSeaofDreams 4 scaled

They’re here to guide us through the Sea of Dreams, where the show takes place.

BelieveSeaofDreams 5 scaled

As the show begins, we’re introduced to four of the core characters featured in the show. Moana is on a large barge which was lit with her ship and Polynesian-esque waves.

BelieveSeaofDreams 7 scaled
BelieveSeaofDreams 8 scaled

Rapunzel is on another barge. The base is lit to depict the kingdom of Corona, complete with floating lanterns.

BelieveSeaofDreams 9 scaled
BelieveSeaofDreams 12 scaled

The character platforms encircle the center barge as the show’s theme, “Every Wish Deserves a Dream” plays.

BelieveSeaofDreams 13 scaled

Miguel from “Coco” is on another platform, which is decorated with papel picado.

BelieveSeaofDreams 15 scaled
BelieveSeaofDreams 16 scaled

Finally, Aladdin caps off the fifth character barge.

BelieveSeaofDreams 17 scaled
BelieveSeaofDreams 19 scaled
BelieveSeaofDreams 21 scaled

Glowing stars are driven around on small jet skis. Pyrotechnics are launched from around the center barge, and the large character barges have fountains on the base.

BelieveSeaofDreams 23 scaled

The center barge has a tall tower with many lighting effects.

BelieveSeaofDreams 26 scaled

The facade of Tokyo DisneySea Hotel MiraCosta is used to extend the show via projections.

BelieveSeaofDreams 27 scaled
BelieveSeaofDreams 28 scaled

The use of the hotel truly immerses guests on both sides of the harbor in the show.


BelieveSeaofDreams 30 scaled

The first segment stars Aladdin, with “Arabian Nights” kicking off the show.

BelieveSeaofDreams 32 scaled

Genie is seen on a screen on the center barge.

BelieveSeaofDreams 33 scaled

That is, before he appears on the barge with Aladdin.

BelieveSeaofDreams 35 scaled
BelieveSeaofDreams 40 scaled
BelieveSeaofDreams 42 scaled

The Cave of Wonders appears on the center barge screen as Aladdin journeys inside.

BelieveSeaofDreams 36 scaled

“Neon” animations of Genie and Abu are seen as multiple remixes of “Friend Like Me” play, including in rap and chiptune.

BelieveSeaofDreams 38 scaled

Graffiti-style art colors the barges for “Friend Like Me.”

BelieveSeaofDreams 43 scaled

The harbor transforms into Agrabah.

BelieveSeaofDreams 44 scaled

More neon-esque scenes are projected onto the buildings as well.

BelieveSeaofDreams 45 scaled

The hotel also becomes Genie (or does Genie become the hotel?).

BelieveSeaofDreams 47 scaled
BelieveSeaofDreams 49 scaled
BelieveSeaofDreams 50 scaled


BelieveSeaofDreams 53 scaled

Rapunzel appears in her tower on the center barge before rappelling her way down with her hair, kicking off the show with “When Will My Life Begin?”

BelieveSeaofDreams 54 scaled
BelieveSeaofDreams 57 scaled

The harbor becomes the kingdom of Corona and is adorned with golden suns as riffs of “I See the Light” play.


BelieveSeaofDreams 59 scaled

For the “Coco” segment, Miguel plays his guitar on the barge’s top platform while alebrije and skeleton dancers perform on the main platform. He has some stage fright at first, but quickly gets over it.

BelieveSeaofDreams 60 scaled
BelieveSeaofDreams 61 scaled

Art of skulls and maracas dance on the barge and harbor as “Un Poco Loco” fills the harbor.

BelieveSeaofDreams 62 scaled

The alebrije and skeleton dancers have bold neon costumes and elaborate masks.

BelieveSeaofDreams 65 scaled

Fireworks burst from the base of the barges.

BelieveSeaofDreams 68 scaled
BelieveSeaofDreams 69 scaled
BelieveSeaofDreams 71 scaled
BelieveSeaofDreams 72 scaled

The skull art is overtaken by papel picado, some of which depict characters from the film, such as Miguel, Dante, and Héctor.

BelieveSeaofDreams 73 scaled

The line of barges “connects” with fountains to become the marigold bridge to the land of the dead.

BelieveSeaofDreams 76 scaled
BelieveSeaofDreams 80 scaled
BelieveSeaofDreams 81 scaled

“The Little Mermaid”

BelieveSeaofDreams 84 scaled

This segment is mostly dominated by Ursula from “The Little Mermaid.” We do hear Ariel vocalizing before the sea witch takes over with “Poor Unfortunate Souls.”

BelieveSeaofDreams 85 scaled
BelieveSeaofDreams 87 scaled

The barges and lighting turn ghastly green when Ariel signs away her voice.

BelieveSeaofDreams 89 scaled
BelieveSeaofDreams 83 scaled

Fortunately, things turn out well for our little mermaid, and it conveniently segues right into the next show segment.


BelieveSeaofDreams 91 scaled

For the “romance” portion, the princess and princes appear together. Ariel and Prince Eric join in with a platform that resembles a clamshell.

BelieveSeaofDreams 92 scaled

The base of the barge is lit to look like stained glass.

BelieveSeaofDreams 94 scaled

Rapunzel and Flynn appear on a platform with golden sun fencing, surrounded by lanterns.

BelieveSeaofDreams 97 scaled

They light one to let go for the festival.

BelieveSeaofDreams 98 scaled

Aladdin and Jasmine ride the flying carpet under the crescent moon.

BelieveSeaofDreams 100 scaled

Each platform features dancers in floral costumes, and their respective songs transition between each other. We hear “I See the Light,” “Kiss the Girl,” and “A Whole New World.”

BelieveSeaofDreams 101 scaled
BelieveSeaofDreams 102 scaled

Lanterns are on the barges and are towed by jet skis, but now there are more than just the suns of Corona on them. Some of the lanterns feature the magic lamp or a seashell.

BelieveSeaofDreams 103 scaled

Vines overtake the harbor as they prepare to finally kiss.

BelieveSeaofDreams 90 scaled

Projections show Ariel and Eric in the boat from the “Kiss the Girl” scene.

BelieveSeaofDreams 104 scaled

Everything becomes alight in tones of warm oranges and yellows while the harbor projections fill the “sky” with lanterns.

BelieveSeaofDreams 106 scaled
BelieveSeaofDreams 111 scaled

“Moana” & “Frozen”

BelieveSeaofDreams 148 scaled
BelieveSeaofDreams 125 scaled

Maui and Moana are on the barge screens during the tense showdown with Te Kā.

From the quiet, Moana sails in on her canoe (atop a barge). She and Maui have an argument over whether she can stop Te Kᾱ’s wrath.

BelieveSeaofDreams 116 scaled
BelieveSeaofDreams 117 scaled
BelieveSeaofDreams 126 scaled

She holds the heart of Te Fiti before Te Kā.

BelieveSeaofDreams 118 scaled

Gramma Tala’s manta ray form swims across the harbor as she sings “Song of the Ancestors.”

BelieveSeaofDreams 121 scaled

Elsa overtakes the barges with icy blues, fighting against the waters.

BelieveSeaofDreams 122 scaled
BelieveSeaofDreams 124 scaled

Fountains help cast the effect of Elsa’s ice magic.

BelieveSeaofDreams 127 scaled

Elsa rides the Nokk across the screen.

BelieveSeaofDreams 128 scaled
BelieveSeaofDreams 139 scaled

Te Kā spreads lava and fire across the water. We hear conflicting choruses of “Show Yourself” and “Know Who You Are” from Elsa and Moana, respectively, as the two fight to control Te Kā and prevent her wrath.

BelieveSeaofDreams 129 scaled
BelieveSeaofDreams 131 scaled
BelieveSeaofDreams 137 scaled
BelieveSeaofDreams 140 scaled

The two win out in the end, restoring Te Fiti. After, we see the main characters of each film represented so far on each of the four screen barges.

BelieveSeaofDreams 143 scaled
BelieveSeaofDreams 146 scaled


BelieveSeaofDreams 149 scaled

The Fab Five join the other characters for the finale. Daisy Duck dons a dazzling outfit on the barge with Ariel and Eric.

BelieveSeaofDreams 152 scaled

Pluto, with a sparkling hat and wand, is on the platform with Moana.

BelieveSeaofDreams 155 scaled
BelieveSeaofDreams 156 scaled

Aladdin and Jasmine are joined by Goofy.

BelieveSeaofDreams 157 scaled
BelieveSeaofDreams 158 scaled

On the ship with Peter Pan and Wendy are Mickey and Minnie Mouse.

BelieveSeaofDreams 159 scaled

Their light up costumes are bright and elaborate, very similar to the Tokyo DisneySea 20th Anniversary costumes we saw last year. The delightful chorus of “Every Wish Deserves a Dream” returns in this climactic finale.

BelieveSeaofDreams 161 scaled
BelieveSeaofDreams 163 scaled

Rapunzel and Flynn are joined by Donald Duck.

BelieveSeaofDreams 165 scaled
BelieveSeaofDreams 166 scaled

The large stars return in multicolor.

BelieveSeaofDreams 167 scaled

The finale is colorful with many effects, including pyrotechnics and fountains.

BelieveSeaofDreams 171 scaled
BelieveSeaofDreams 172 scaled
BelieveSeaofDreams 173 scaled

Following the show, the barges sail around as the Japanese version of the song plays. The characters dance and wave at guests around the harbor before the lights finally return.

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