REVIEW: Melted Snowman Sugar Cookie Arrives at Disney’s Hollywood Studios

Not all melting snowmen are a bad thing. At Disney’s Hollywood Studios, guests can enjoy a melted snowman on top of a sugar cookie, now available at PizzeRizzo.

Melted Snowman Sugar Cookie – $4.29

Sugar Cookie with Red and Green Sugar, White Chocolate, Marshmallow, Dark Chocolate Top Hat, Raspberry Chocolate Twigs, Orange Sprinkle, Chocolate-covered Cocoa Nibs

Melted Snowman Sugar Cookie 2022

This adorable treat features a snowman partially melted on top of a cookie. He even has branch arms, a top hat, and a fallen “carrot” nose.

Considering this is a sugar cookie, the soft base is a slightly modified version of a standard Disney World sugar cookie, and is not as sweet as you might expect. The melted snowman increases the sweetness, made of icing with a marshmallow head. The chocolate top hat is delicious. $4.29 is a high price for a cookie outside of Disney Parks, but the value isn’t bad compared to some other holiday treats, and kids could easily split this one.

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