New Disney 100th Anniversary Snow Globe, Lanyard, and Rebecca Hook Necklaces at Walt Disney World

The 100th anniversary of the Walt Disney Company is in January 2023, but Disney 100 Years of Wonder merchandise has already arrived at Walt Disney World. Since the initial 100th anniversary collection’s release, we’ve found a snow globe, lanyard, and necklaces by Rebecca Hook.

100 Years of Wonder Snow Globe – $39.99

disney 100 snow globe wdw 0273

This snow globe has a white base with “Disney 100 Years of Wonder” in silver. The base is fairly heavy.

disney 100 snow globe wdw 0274

Inside the globe is a silvery version of Cinderella Castle and, of course, sparkling snow.

disney 100 snow globe wdw 0275
disney 100 snow globe wdw 0276

The other sides of the square base feature silver outlines of classic Disney characters, including Donald, Daisy, Chip, and Dale.

disney 100 snow globe wdw 0277

Another side features Goofy and Pluto.

disney 100 snow globe wdw 0278

And Mickey and Minnie. Though the characters aren’t in color, they are clearly wearing their 100 Years of Wonder costumes.

disney 100 snow globe wdw 0283
disney 100 snow globe wdw 0284

We found this in the Emporium at Magic Kingdom.

100 Years of Wonder Lanyard – $17.99

disney 100 lanyard wdw 7650

This lanyard is blue, with silver images of Cinderella Castle, fireworks, and “Disney 100.”

disney 100 lanyard wdw 7651
disney 100 lanyard wdw 7657
disney 100 lanyard wdw 7654
disney 100 lanyard wdw 7663

“Disney 100 Years of Wonder” is at the top of the lanyard.

disney 100 lanyard wdw 7658

The charm at the end of the lanyard is art deco style with a Mickey head and “Disney 100” at the center.

disney 100 lanyard wdw 7659

Fireworks are in the ears and stars are in the center.

disney 100 lanyard wdw 7656

This was in Mickey’s of Hollywood at Disney’s Hollywood Studios.

disney 100 necklaces wdw 9686

We found two 100th anniversary sterling silver necklaces by Rebecca Hook in Creations Shop at EPCOT.

100 Years of Wonder Mickey Necklace – $175

disney 100 necklaces wdw 9689

This necklace has a Mickey-shaped pendant.

disney 100 necklaces wdw 9690
disney 100 necklaces wdw 9691 1

Mickey is all silver-colored except for his iconic red shorts.

disney 100 necklaces wdw 9692
disney 100 necklaces wdw 9693
disney 100 necklaces wdw 9694 1

The necklaces come in silver gray boxes featuring the Disney 100 Years of Wonder logo.

disney 100 necklaces wdw 9695
disney 100 necklaces wdw 9696

100 Years of Wonder Minnie Ears Necklace – $190

disney 100 necklaces wdw 9702

This necklace pendant is a silver (or “platinum”) Minnie Mouse ear headband.

disney 100 necklaces wdw 9703
disney 100 necklaces wdw 9706

It resembles the real Minnie ear headband available as part of the Platinum Collection.

disney 100 necklaces wdw 9705
disney 100 necklaces wdw 9707
disney 100 necklaces wdw 9708

Are you going to take home any Disney 100 Years of Wonder merchandise? Let us know in the comments.

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