PHOTOS: Dirty PeopleMover Cars and Mold in Toy Story Land Highlight Walt Disney World Cleanliness Issues

Earlier this week, we posted about the boats of “it’s a small world” in Magic Kingdom that are so dirty they’re turning black. There have been ongoing maintenance problems at Walt Disney World, and it seems cleanliness is falling by the wayside. Readers sent us photos of the dirty interiors of Tomorrowland Transit Authority PeopleMover cars and black mold in Toy Story Land.

dirty peoplemover car 1

Amalia sent photos of this PeopleMover car with black lines across the bottoms of the seats. It makes sense that this area would get a bit dirty — it’s where people rest their feet during the ride.

dirty peoplemover car 2

But still, the dirt is egregious and spreads beyond just the foot line.

dirty peoplemover car

Amalia also shared a photo of dark spots on the arms of the PeopleMover benches.

toy story land mold

Even more dangerous is this black mold in Toy Story Land, shared by Vincent. The mold is spotted across the top of a round Tinker Toy at the base of a support pole, as well as in the holes on the sides. There is also trash on the ground in the corner of the photo.

This dirtiness extends beyond the basic responsibilities of regular custodian Cast Members, who can be frequently spotted in their all-white uniforms throughout the parks. Attraction vehicles need regular maintenance, including cleaning, after hours when guests aren’t in the park. And mold in particular should be taken care of quickly and carefully for the health and safety of both guests and Cast Members.

As Walt Disney World seems to have ended its transition period out of the COVID-19 pandemic and returned to normal operations, we will be resuming our Maintenance Reports in January 2023, which we put on hiatus while the resort focused on the pandemic.

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4 thoughts on “PHOTOS: Dirty PeopleMover Cars and Mold in Toy Story Land Highlight Walt Disney World Cleanliness Issues”

  1. Week of 12/18: EPCOT Test Track mph not lit up on ride 2x and on one ride, no narration. Soarin’ loading area graphics peeling off wall. MK: My teen daughter even mentioned the filth at unloading area of Small World since we were taking so long to unload. Longtime neglect.

  2. That’s disgusting.. In high traffic public spaces there’s no excuse for filthy equipment especially for young children and others who have compromised health issues. Hundreds of millions of dollars in profits and prices going up almost daily it’s a disgrace that a family oriented business neglects cleanliness to increase the bottom line.

  3. During covid they were cleaning like crazy and keeping the guests regimented (can’t come in until your food is prepared). Now, the place is covered with trash. No brigade of people with brooms and dustpans. You have to clean your own table, thats if you can get one. Had to eat standing up at peco bill during a rain storm my tray of food was on their fixings bar (no fixings). Nobody cleans your room, but on my last trip 3/2022 they cleaned our polynesian room. Keep Disney World clean, the cast members are not going to do it.

  4. Well, enough is enough for us. This sort of thing along with many many others has ended our annual pass renewal. It’s just bad in so many areas, very hard to believe they have dipped so low but continue to charge out of wazoo.


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