Hogwarts House Beanies Arrive at Universal Studios Hollywood

Witches, wizards, and muggles alike will love to keep warm this winter with these Hogwarts House beanies we found at Universal Studios Hollywood!

Hogwarts House Beanies – $30 each

hogwarts house beanies111236

Each of these beanies features the house crest on the front, with stripes and a pom-pom on top that are in the house colors.

hogwarts house beanies111318

Gryffindor House crest features a lion.

hogwarts house beanies111244
hogwarts house beanies111408

Rowena Ravenclaw would be proud of this beanie! The Ravenclaw crest is seen on the front, with blue and white striping along the top of the hat.

hogwarts house beanies111414
hogwarts house beanies111417
hogwarts house beanies111310

The icon of House Hufflepuff is the badger, seen on this crest.

hogwarts house beanies111312

The Hufflepuff colors are yellow and black, and are featured prominently on this beanie.

hogwarts house beanies111323
hogwarts house beanies111339

And of course, the house everyone loves to hate: Slytherin.

hogwarts house beanies111346

A snake is featured on the house crest, and the colors of green and black are used throughout.

hogwarts house beanies111348

Will you be collecting all four of these beanies or just picking up your Hogwarts house? Let us know in the comments.

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