Inside Out Mini Jawbreaker Puzzle Game from Disney Cruise Line Now Available at Walt Disney World

In the Disney-Pixar movie, “Inside Out,” each memory is a glowing orb whose colors match the movie’s five emotions: yellow for joy, blue for sadness, red for anger, purple for fear, and green for disgust. However, when enjoying one of these Inside Out Mini Jawbreaker Candy-in-a-Maze Puzzle Game treats it will be pure joy – hopefully!

Originally, these candy/game creations could only be found at the “Inside Out”-inspired sweet shop, Joyful Sweets, aboard the Disney Wish, now they are popping up in the parks. We found these at Creations Shop at EPCOT.

Inside Out Mini Jawbreaker Candy-in-a-Maze Puzzle Game – $14.99

Inside Out Jawbreaker 1

Creations Shop has an assortment of Inside Out Mini Jawbreaker Candy-in-a-Maze Puzzle Game “emotion” color balls to choose from.

Inside Out Jawbreaker 8
Inside Out Jawbreaker 3

To get to the candy, you need to remove the lid, slide the middle section up, and open the door to release the candy.

Inside Out Jawbreaker 2
Inside Out Jawbreaker 7
Inside Out Jawbreaker 6

The Inside Out Mini Jawbreaker Candy-in-a-Maze Puzzle also contains five randomly assorted characters including sadness, fear, disgust, anger, and joy. There is a sixth character, but that is the mystery chaser.

Inside Out Jawbreaker 5
Inside Out Jawbreaker 4

Which puzzle game will you try? Let us know in the comments.

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