New Rentable Electric Wheelchair (ECV) Models Arrive at Walt Disney World

The fleet of ECV electric wheelchairs has received a refresh at Walt Disney World, with a sleek new blue look! We first spotted them available for rental at Disney’s Hollywood Studios, but they should be resort-wide in no time.


The ECV rental area is located at Oscar’s Super Service in the front of the park, just inside the entrance.


The parks are so spread out and sometimes walking around all day can be exhausting, especially for guests who may have mobility issues. Renting an ECV can ensure that every member of your party can get around comfortably and enjoy all that Walt Disney World has to offer. But be careful, as accidents can happen thanks to these ubiquitous motorized scooters.


The current price for ECV rental is $50 per day plus a $20 refundable deposit.


The old ECVs were grey with metal baskets, whereas these are sky blue with plastic baskets, identical to those already available at the Disneyland Resort.

What do you think of these new beauties? Share your thoughts in the comments.

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8 thoughts on “New Rentable Electric Wheelchair (ECV) Models Arrive at Walt Disney World”

  1. Kelly thank you for this report. I particularly liked the picture of the instrument panels. They are successful in Disneyland so they may be useful in HS. We fortunately are ambulatory without assistive devices. But the need for these is often crucial. Now if we could get trams for all the parks we would be happy. Thanks again

  2. Hope they go faster than the ones currently in use. We rented one last week and took it back after about 2 hours (and with no refund) because my friend could walk faster than the scooter went. We also couldn’t take it from one park to another. And the price of the Disney on site scooter’s $50/day is more than an off site rental and they deliver and pick up. Don’t mind paying alittle more for a quality experience, just things to consider.

  3. There are so few people that actually need these things. People that need wheelchairs will almost always have their own wheelchair. There is no justification to have a fleet of wheelchairs available to enable lazy people to be lazier. Again, if a person has a justifiable need for a wheelchair, they will almost certainly always have one already and won’t be renting one. Only lazy and morbidly fat people rent wheelchairs.

  4. They don’t have enough of them. Not everyone who rents them needs them. It’s not fair to the truly handicapped people who actually need them. Disney needs a better way of renting them. If you are going to ask me to go through DAS for line assistance, they should do it for the electric motor vehicle’s.

  5. As a senior citizen who needs to rent in EVC. Periodically because of my physical disability the new ones look nice and hopefully they’re a little easier to use but I do have an issue with the price as a senior citizen by Social Security disability the prices of everything become an issue. I understand that senior citizens aren’t the only ones who uses EVC or wheelchairs there are many disabled children and younger adults they need them. I do think Disney for providing them for the guests who need them I just wish Disney make them more affordable also.

  6. Am I the only one who finds the irony that Disney chose the light blue color for the ECV. Since the people that will be using them once rode around Disney World in the same light blue metal strollers of the 70s……
    The true circle of life.

  7. my wife and i have promised ourselves that if we ever need these, we just have to admit to ourselves that we are no longer capable of going to disney. we will be hanged before we need to use these to run over ankles and hold up park buses! what we have seen recently is many young people using these things for some stupid reason. too fat or lazy is not an excuse to use these things people!

  8. Renting electric scooters in a Disney Park is a waste of time and money. First, they cannot be taken out of the park in which they are rented, and they cannot be taken back to your resort or off property. Renting from a third party scooter rental company is much less expensive, they deliver and pick up the scooter at your resort, and you can take the scooter to multiple parks and even off site. I have rented scooters for several years at Disney and third party rental companies is the way to go. You can even rent portable scooters that you can take apart and pug in the trunk of your car and they last all day.


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