New Park-Specific Pricing (With Price Increase) Now in Effect at Walt Disney World

As previously reported, Walt Disney World has introduced park-specific pricing for one-day, one-park tickets. That new pricing structure is now in effect.

WDW park specific DHS board

The prices for one-day, one-park tickets are now variable depending on the date of your visit and which theme park you select. One-day, one-park tickets now also automatically include a park pass reservation, so guests using this ticket type don’t have to worry about booking a reservation separately.

The price ranges for each park are listed below.

  • Disney’s Animal Kingdom: $109-$159
  • Disney’s Hollywood Studios: $124-$179
  • EPCOT: $114-$179
  • Magic Kingdom Park: $124-$189

At this time, the $189 price at Magic Kingdom is only for nine days around Christmas and New Year’s Eve.

Booking a One-Day, One-Park Ticket

Here’s what the process looks like for the new pricing model.

WDW park specific tickets 2

The calendar will show the lowest ticket price, which will almost always be Disney’s Animal Kingdom.

WDW park specific tickets 1 1

Once you select a date, you will be asked to select a park. Here is where the individual park prices will be shown.

Walt Disney World has utilized park-specific pricing in the past. Previously, Magic Kingdom ticket prices were higher than the price for EPCOT, Disney’s Hollywood Studios, and Disney’s Animal Kingdom.

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2 thoughts on “New Park-Specific Pricing (With Price Increase) Now in Effect at Walt Disney World”

  1. NOW the 2pm park hopping makes more sense! I get the crowd control thing, but the different prices will do that too. At first I thought the park hop times would go away, but now they definitely won’t. Otherwise everyone would just grab the cheapest ticket and hop. Glad I bought my January tickets a few months ago!

  2. Another park guest rip off by Disney. If a park guest purchases a one day ticket to a given park, but wants to go to another park, they must purchase another one day ticket to the second park. Greed, greed, greed…..

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