NEW Wizarding World Merchandise Found in Honeydukes Universal Studios Hollywood

Honeydukes at Universal Studios Hollywood gained many new merchandise items in recent days. They range from winter wear, housewares, puzzles, purses, and stationery.

Honeydukes Pom Beanie – $32.00


Wizarding World fans preparing for the colder months will enjoy this new Honeydukes Pom Beanie. The familiar Honeydukes symbol stands out for all to see as you wear this beanie. That symbol will declare your allegiance to Wizarding World candy. A green pom sits on top of the beanie.

beanie 3

The back of the beanie continues with the same color pattern as the front of this beanie.

Honeydukes Scarf – $40.00

To match the new Honeydukes beanie, guests may also buy a Honeydukes scarf.


This new Honeydukes scarf presents the same color scheme as the beanie. The welcoming Honeydukes symbol can be seen at the bottom of this scarf.

scarf 4

This lengthy scarf should help keep you warm, especially if sporting the matching beanie also.


Honeydukes Measuring Spoons – $25.00

Several new Wizarding World items designed to help with meal preparation and meal enjoyment arrived in the Honeydukes store. We found some new measuring spoons, for example.

measuring spoons

These measuring spoons display the Honeydukes symbol on each spoon. A circular design with the expected green, pink, and white colors can also be seen.

measuring spoons 7
measuring spoons 6

The spoon sizes range from one-fourth of a teaspoon to one tablespoon. Each of the measuring spoons are attached together to reduce the chance of one getting lost, at least before you start using them.

measuring spoons 3
measuring spoons 4

Any Wizarding World fan would enjoy having these Honeydukes measuring spoons under their holiday tree this year.

Honeydukes Chocolate Frog Bowl – $29.00

Those chocolate frogs only have one good jump in them. With this chocolate frog bowl, you can remember Harry and Ron in the movies enjoying chocolate frogs.


This bowl comes complete with a chocolate frog inside. Sadly, that frog does not qualify as edible. Yet, many Wizarding World fans will be amused by the chocolate frog in the bowl. The chocolate frog makes a sharp contrast in colors to the dark colored bowl.


On the side of this bowl, we read the words “chocolate frog,” Perhaps that serves as a warning for anyone not expecting a chocolate frog in their bowl. The bowl curves down to a stand for this bowl to support it.

As you might gather from the look of this bowl, this should not be microwaved or placed in a dishwasher. This ceramic style bowl will not survive those treatments very well.

honeydukes USH Chocolate frog bowl 3

The light coloring of the rim of the bowl makes this an excellent item to display in any Wizarding World collection. You will need to decide if this bowl should be used for an actual dining experience though.

Honeydukes Bertie Bott’s Bowl – $25.00


In contrast to the previous bowls, these look ready for candy. Since we can see the “Bertie Bott’s” logo, that conclusion shows merit.

Honeydukes Bertie Botts Bowl 3

This rectangular shaped bowl presents Bertie Bott’s logo in the middle.

Honeydukes Bertie Botts Bowl 5

The outside of the bowl contains quotes about the Wizarding World candy promoted by this Wizarding World brand.


On one side, we receive a reminder that “every flavour unimaginable” can be purchased in a supply of Bertie Bott’s candy.

Honeydukes Bertie Botts Bowl 2

Yet, on the other side of the bowl, we receive wise counsel that we might get more than we expect with each of the Berite Bott’s candies. As Albus Dumbledore says, “I was unfortunate enough in my youth to come across a vomit-flavored one, and since then I’m afraid I’ve rather lost my liking for them.” The actual candies do offer a surprise in every bite.

Honeydukes Bertie Botts Bowl 6

We see on the bottom of the bowl some familiar Wizarding World graphics. The bottom of the bowl also reminds us, like the previous bowl, not to place in microwave and hand wash only.

Honeydukes Apron – $35.00

This one-size fits all apron showcases the Honeydukes colors. Perhaps a Harry Potter fan buying this will be inspired to make Wizarding World candy this year while wearing this.


The Honeydukes symbol resides on the front of the apron. The anticipated green and pink colors shine with this apron. Two pink pockets are located on the lower half of the apron. The contrasting striped pink colors can be seen at the bottom of the apron, along the pockets, and around the waistline.

apron honeydukes hollywood 2

When we turn the apron around, we see the pink striped fabric being used to tie the apron together for wearing if desired.

Honeydukes Tea Towels – $20

Nearby, we located some tea towels. these come in two different designs. For your $20, you receive one of each towel design.


On one of the towels, we see a classic pink color with Honeydukes symbol in the middle. Green fabric completes the design at the bottom to include the Honeydukes colors.

tea towels honeydukes hollywood2

In contrast, the other towel shows the striped design we have seen on other products. The Honeydukes symbol appears lower on this towel though.

tea towels honeydukes hollywood 3

Honeydukes Plates – $17.00 each

Four different new candy themed plates arrived at Honeydukes in Universal Studios Hollywood. Two designs offered connect to Bertie Bott’s. One shows a large chocolate frog. The last one promotes Honeydukes.


Guests may choose a bright colored plate with several different Bertie Bott’s candies seen on it.

plates honeydukes hollywood 2

In addition, Honeydukes sells another plate with the classic Bertie Bott’s logo featured.

plates honeydukes hollywood 4

This blue colored plate features the quotes we saw on the bowl earlier along with Bertie Bott’s logo.

plates honeydukes hollywood 5

If you have every wanted to find a large chocolate frog on your plate, then Honeydukes sells the plate for you.

plates honeydukes hollywood 6

The frog resides in the center of the plate. The word “Chocolate” appears above the frog with “Frog” below it in light colored lettering. The rim of the plate also defines the design with same color as the chocolate frog.

plates honeydukes hollywood 7

plates honeydukes hollywood 8

The final plate shows the Honeydukes spiral design with green and pink. The Honeydukes logo takes up the location in the middle of the plate.


Each plate displays a white color on the bottom with washing instructions similar to other items.

plates honeydukes hollywood 3

Honeydukes Chocolate Frog Trinket Box – $24.95

During this trip to Universal Studios Hollywood, we found a trinket box themed to chocolate frogs.

Chocolate frog trinket box honeydukes hollywood

This collectible box is shaped like packages of chocolate frog candy that contain collectible Wizarding World cards.

Chocolate frog trinket box honeydukes hollywood 2
Chocolate frog trinket box honeydukes hollywood side

On the side of the trinket box, we see the advertisement usually accompanying the chocolate frogs. This informs all witches and wizards to expect a trading card with their chocolate frog. However, this collectible box serves a different purpose.

Chocolate frog trinket box honeydukes hollywood price

On the bottom of the box, we see the familiar Wizarding World logo. This box would make an excellent collectible for the Harry Potter fan this year.

Harry Potter Bertie Bott’s Purse – $79.00

If looking for a unique Harry Potter purse, this new Bertie Bott’s purse might meet that need.

bertie botts purse honeydukes hollywood2

This non-traditional shaped purse proudly displays the look of a box of Bertie Bott’s candies. The design on the outside looks like a bigger version of a box of those candies.

bertie botts purse honeydukes hollywood2
bertie botts purse honeydukes hollywood 4

The other sides of the purse show the familiar Wizarding World stripes associated with this candy.

bertie botts purse honeydukes hollywood 6

This purse comes with a gold-colored chain for carrying. A pink clasp on top opens and closes the purse.


The interior of the purse is the same darker pink color associated with Bertie Bott’s candies.

bertie botts purse honeydukes hollywood 7

This unusual shaped purse can be held easily by the gold-colored chain.


bertie botts purse honeydukes hollywood 11

Honeydukes Mini Backpack – $82.00

Also, in Honeydukes, we spotted a new mini backpack.

Honeydukes backpack 2

This Honeydukes mini backpack comes with a small zipper pocket in the front. A small Honeydukes symbol can be seen near the top of this backpack.


The backpack contains many symbols and names of popular Wizarding World candies and beverages. For example, we can see words like “Pumpkin Juice”, “Chocolate Frogs”, and “Exploding Bonbons” on this mini backpack.

Honeydukes backpack 4

The zipper pull has a Honeydukes spiral symbol for ease of opening and closing the front pocket.

Honeydukes backpack 5

The rear of the mini backpack shows the pink straps for wearing this mini backpack.

Honeydukes backpack 6

When opening the main backpack, we see a pink colored interior to complete the Honeydukes design.

Honeydukes Chocolate Frog Crossbody Purse – $70.00


This new crossbody purse looks just like a chocolate frog box. The design and hexagon shape will remind many Harry Potter fans of those chocolate frogs. This purse utilizes a long strap for ease of use.

Honeydukes Chocolate Frog Crossbody Purse Hollywood 4
Honeydukes Chocolate Frog Crossbody Purse Hollywood 2

On top of the purse, a chocolate frog resides.

Honeydukes Chocolate Frog Crossbody Purse Hollywood 5

Once opened, this crossbody purse looks like a well decorated chocolate frog box. Based on design and fabric colors, we almost would believe the chocolate frog jumped away. This purse would be ideal for fans of those pesky chocolate frogs.

Chocolate Frog and Bertie Bott’s Puzzles – $30.00

We located two new Wizarding World puzzles. One looks like a chocolate frog box and the other looks like a box of Bertie Bott’s candies.


As with several other items, this one looks like a chocolate frog box in many ways.

puzzle 2

At the bottom of the package, we learn this puzzle contains 508 pieces. We also see that we are making a chocolate frog with this puzzle.


This Bertie Bott’s puzzle contains 1000 pieces. This puzzle comes in a box shaped like a candy box.

puzzle bb 3
puzzle bb price

Chocolate Frog and Bertie Bott’s Stationery Sets – $30.00 each

To round out this merchandise search, we identified two new stationary sets themed to chocolate frogs and Bertie Bott’s candies.

stat 8

Both of these stationery sets contain notebooks with small notepads also. Each one offers a clip to hold your writing also. A writing utensil can also be found in these sets.

stat 10
stat 5

On the back of the packaging, we see the design on each Honeydukes candy,

stat frog bottom and price

The chocolate frog one shows the frog design in the middle. The Wizarding World logo appears above that.

stat back and price

The Bertie Bott’s version returns to the design showing all different colored Bertie Bott’s beans. These two options would suit your Wizarding World friends that enjoy writing.

Are you interested in any of these new items at Honeydukes at Universal Studios Hollywood? If so, which ones? Please let us know in the comments below.

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