PHOTOS: Ride Share Drop-Off and Pick-Up Area Totally Revamped at EPCOT

While visiting EPCOT today, we noticed that the drop off and pick up area for ride share services has been totally revamped.

ride share EPCOT45

When exiting the park, signage will point you to the ride share guest pick-up and drop-off area.

ride share EPCOT43
ride share EPCOT41

The entire first row of parking has been repaved to make a lane for ride share services like Uber and Lyft to make their drop-offs and pick-ups.

ride share EPCOT36

Neon green parking cones mark the edge of the lane and curve at the end to send vehicles back into the regular flow of traffic in the parking lot and around the EV parking.

ride share EPCOT39
ride share EPCOT42

“Drop off only” has been painted on the pavement to notate the lane to be used by ride share services.

ride share EPCOT37

Benches are also available for guests who have requested a ride but must wait for the vehicle to arrive.

ride share EPCOT38

The pick-up and drop-off area for Minnie Vans, a ride-share service operated by Lyft, transporting guests around Walt Disney World property in polka-dotted Chevrolet vans is still located in the resort bus stop area.

ride share EPCOT40

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