PHOTOS: You Can Now Take Home A Crystal Replica of the Iconic EPCOT Entrance Fountain

EPCOT fans run, don’t walk. You can now purchase a crystal replica of the iconic EPCOT entrance fountain at Kunstarbeit in Kristall in the Germany Pavilion.

Large Entrance Fountain Pylon Replica – $1250

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This is an exact replica of the EPCOT entrance fountain that every guest sees, and probably photographs, when they enter EPCOT. The replica of the original sculpture in the entrance fountain stands in the same spot as the original from the park’s open in 1982.

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The new EPCOT logo is engraved at the top of all three pylons. The fountain was the last major component of EPCOT’s new entrance to be complete. 

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It’s on a black base, and this crystal replica will cost you a pretty penny at $1250. But if you’re an Annual Passholder, you can receive a 10% discount!

Small EPCOT Entrance Fountain Replica – $250

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If $1250 is out of your budget, there is a smaller version available as well. This crystal replica is significantly smaller than the larger one but, exactly the same.

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Both replicas are made by the Arribas Bros.

EPCOT 40th Anniversary Coin Set – $125

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We also found a coin set at Kunstarbeit in Kristall.

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The box features Spaceship Earth and the EPCOT 40 logo.

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This set comes with five coins and a special EPCOT 40 box. One coin depicts the World Showcase Pavilions, and one coin depicts our favorite purple dragon, Figment. The other three coins depict different versions of the EPCOT 40th Anniversary logos.

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They come with a certificate of authenticity because they are Limited Edition of 400 sets.

Will you be picking up any of these collector’s items? Let us know in the comments.

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