REVIEW: ‘Avatar: The Way of Water” Brings Pandora-Themed Dessert & Drink to Tokyo DisneySea

Sivako from Tokyo DisneySea! To promote the upcoming “Avatar: The Way of Water,” Yucatan Base Camp Grill is serving up two new Pandora-themed treats for a limited time only. Naturally, we had to give these a try, so join us on this new experience!

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You can watch our review above, or keep on reading for more details.

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The two treats are available at Yucatan Base Camp Grill in Lost River Delta.

Pandora Dessert – ¥800 ($5.86)

Vanilla mousse, custard, peach, almonds

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TokyoDisneySeaAvatarDesserts 3

Say what you will about this dessert, the presentation is incredible. There’s nothing they could’ve done to make this more “Pandora” if you ask me.

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The dessert consists of custard and peaches topped with matcha crumbles and pink-dyed white chocolate. A milk chocolate version of Neytiri’s necklace sits at the center.

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The plain mousse is all-blue, symbolizing water as in the film, as well as Pandora itself.

TokyoDisneySeaAvatarDesserts 13

The inside is filled with whipped cream and a lemon meringue.

The Pandora dessert isn’t particularly memorable, but the design certainly takes a great photo. The peaches taste fairly fresh, and the matcha crumbles are not overwhelming, a critical detail for those from the west who may not enjoy the earthy flavor as much. The mousse is unremarkable, being that it’s 90% whipped cream. All in all, you can certainly do worse for a dessert. It’s not particularly special, but not bad either.

Special Drink – ¥700 ($5.13)

Blue syrup, cacao nibs, soda

TokyoDisneySeaAvatarDesserts 6

Like with the dessert, the presentation here is incredible.

TokyoDisneySeaAvatarDesserts 7
TokyoDisneySeaAvatarDesserts 8

The cup is well-themed, featuring the face of Kiri, daughter of Jake Sully and Neytiri.

TokyoDisneySeaAvatarDesserts 9

Decorative garnish greens and a flower top the drink, and cacao nibs evoke dirt.

If there was an award for the worst-tasting drink at any theme park ever, this would be the winner. It tastes like someone poured club soda over NyQuil, with the unadvertised jelly at the bottom giving this a medicinal flavor that leans way too far into the herbal territory. Especially considering this is at one of the restaurants which serves Kirin Apple Tea Soda, a Tokyo Disney Resort exclusive and one of my favorite sodas on earth, I advise you to stay very, very far away from this drink. I had to go order an Apple Tea Soda just to get some of the taste out.

These treats are available for a limited time at Yucatan Base Camp Grill at Tokyo DisneySea, although your money is probably better spent elsewhere in the park. What do you think of these new Avatar-themed items? Let us know in the comments below!

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