REVIEW: Peppermint the Adorable Chocolate Reindeer With Coquito From The Ganachery at Disney Springs

Peppermint the Reindeer has galloped into The Ganachery at Disney Springs. This chocolate reindeer is filled with chocolate coquito.

ganachery peppermint reindeer 1328

You can get Peppermint with rum or non-alcoholic.

Peppermint the Reindeer – $12 / $15

ganachery peppermint reindeer 1333

This is super cute but not the best thing we’ve had from The Ganachery.

ganachery peppermint reindeer 1336

The reindeer itself is made out of bitter, unenjoyable dark chocolate. It’s overly rich.

ganachery peppermint reindeer 1348

Despite the reindeer’s name and peppermint nose, we got no peppermint taste in the coquito.

ganachery peppermint reindeer 1338

We wish the straw was a candy cane straw so we would get a bit of peppermint in each sip.

ganachery peppermint reindeer 1345
ganachery peppermint reindeer 1343
ganachery peppermint reindeer 1350

The coquito (which leaked out of the bottom of our reindeer) is like creamy liquid milk chocolate.

ganachery peppermint reindeer 1353

It really needs peppermint to cut through the overwhelming chocolate flavor.

ganachery peppermint reindeer 0387

The rum comes through at the end and we don’t think it’s needed. The non-alcoholic version might be better.

Will you be trying Peppermint the Reindeer this winter? Let us know what you think in the comments.

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1 thought on “REVIEW: Peppermint the Adorable Chocolate Reindeer With Coquito From The Ganachery at Disney Springs”

  1. You must have gotten a bad mix, because ours had all the flavors. The chocolate, Coquito and peppermint were all there. The chocolate reindeer was semi-sweet and not biter. This was my favorite snack.


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