Excessively Long Tags Finally Shortened on New Minnie Ear Headbands at Walt Disney World

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Shorter Product Tags

Excessively Long Tags Finally Shortened on New Minnie Ear Headbands at Walt Disney World

As new merchandise is released across Walt Disney World Resort, one of the biggest gripes for most guests is the excessively long tags, which can be quite a bother when wearing the iconic ear headbands. These tags are often way too noticeable and obstructive if they aren’t removed entirely before wearing. With tags that rival the length of comical CVS receipts, many park guests are left dealing with them to preserve the integrity of their often limited-edition purchases or pulling out the scissors to relieve the frustration of hanging tags. But that has all finally changed!

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The Disney100 Platinum Celebration Collection seems to have solved the problems caused by these annoying tags, as seen with the release of the Minnie Mouse Disney100 Ear Headband. Donning a sleeker and less obtrusive tag, the Disney100 Platinum Celebration Collection raises hopes that all future new merchandise will don shorter tags.

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While care instructions are sometimes necessary for preserving items and the details provided by some product tags provide important insight into where your product was made and what it was made from, they aren’t great for appearances and, on headbands especially, can lead to an itchy annoyance for its wearer. This has left many asking whether these novel-length tags, and their plethora of information written in teeny-tiny print, are truly necessary.

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Whether shorter tags on merchandise will be a new Disney Parks standard or if the Minnie Mouse Disney100 Ear Headband is just a one-off, we were excited to see a tag that better represents function and doesn’t derail the look and feel of our favorite ear headbands.

Is this a welcome product update for you or one you wouldn’t notice? Are you a tag ripper, precision-cutter, or do you let your tags fly free in the wind? Let us know in the comments.

For a full list of all products featured in the Disney100 Platinum Celebration Collection, including prices, check out this full Disney 100 Years of Wonder Merchandise roundup from this morning. For the latest Disney Parks news and info, follow WDW News Today on TwitterFacebook, and Instagram.


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