Super Nintendo World Entrance Sign Lit for the First Time, More Figure Testing Underway at Universal Studios Hollywood

We’re now less than two months from the first Super Nintendo World outside of Japan opening to the world, and we can’t contain our excitement! So right before the holidays, we figured we’d stop on by to check out the latest happenings in the Mushroom Kingdom!

SuperNintendoWorldUSHUpdate122322 1
SuperNintendoWorldUSHUpdate122322 18

Things are starting to wrap up in the land, but even two days before Christmas, crews are still hard at work!

SuperNintendoWorldUSHUpdate122322 3
SuperNintendoWorldUSHUpdate122322 4

Toadstool Cafe painting has just about finished up it looks like!

SuperNintendoWorldUSHUpdate122322 5
SuperNintendoWorldUSHUpdate122322 20

Scaffolds are back up around Bowser’s face to put the finishing touches on. The sign also appears to have been installed for Toadstool Cafe.

SuperNintendoWorldUSHUpdate122322 6
SuperNintendoWorldUSHUpdate122322 19

Animation testing was underway for this Piranha Plant figure and the coins near it.

SuperNintendoWorldUSHUpdate122322 9
SuperNintendoWorldUSHUpdate122322 10

Closer to the land’s entrance, we heard them testing background music for Super Star Plaza! It’s the same music you hear at the land’s entrance in Japan.

SuperNintendoWorldUSHUpdate122322 11

New signage is up to direct guests to locations where they can make reservations for Super Nintendo World.

SuperNintendoWorldUSHUpdate122322 12
SuperNintendoWorldUSHUpdate122322 15

As the day turned to twilight, we noticed something extra cool — the entrance sign is lit for the first time!

SuperNintendoWorldUSHUpdate122322 16
SuperNintendoWorldUSHUpdate122322 17

Obviously it can be a bit hard to tell when it’s not fully dark, but the sign is fully lit for testing, and the LED panels in the Warp Pipe were also being tested.

We’re very excited to journey through the Mushroom Kingdom, take a spin on Mario Kart: Bowser’s Challenge, and chow down at Toadstool Cafe when Super Nintendo World opens at Universal Studios Hollywood on February 17, 2023! If your anticipation is just too high, you can check out our full guide to everything about the original Super Nintendo World at Universal Studios Japan, we have coverage of it all. Are you ready? Let us know in the comments below!

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