25th Anniversary ‘Castle Cake’ Vault Collection T-Shirt Arrives at Walt Disney World

As part of the Vault Collection offerings that have appeared throughout the Walt Disney World 50th Anniversary celebration, we spotted a new pink ‘Castle Cake’ t-shirt paying tribute to the park’s 25th anniversary inside the Main Street Cinema at Magic Kingdom.

Pink 25th Anniversary Castle Cake T-shirt – $36.99

Pink Castle Cake T shirt 25th Anniversary Vault Collection 00001

“It’s Time to Remember the Magic!” reads the outline of this 25th Anniversary pink t-shirt. Mickey, Minnie, and Donald can be seen in the foreground, as the ’90s transformation of Cinderella Castle into a pink birthday cake can be seen towering in the background.

Fostering real “Remember the Magic” vibes, the latest addition to the 50th Anniversary merchandise channels the 25th, even featuring the date that the celebration officially began in 1996 on the bottom in red. Red, blue, and yellow ribbons surround the screen printed graphics.

Pink Castle Cake T shirt 25th Anniversary Vault Collection 00003

A raised white Walt Disney World logo covers much of the back of the pink 25th Anniversary shirt. While these tees are clearly a nod to the 25th Anniversary of Walt Disney World, the tags denote their inclusion as part of the 50th Anniversary Vault Collection releases.

Pink Castle Cake T shirt 25th Anniversary Vault Collection 00002

If you prefer your blast of nostalgia on the warmer side, a hoodie featuring the 25th Anniversary Birthday Cake Cinderella Castle is also available for a limited time as part of the 50th Anniversary vault drop. Another vault collection t-shirt and sweater were also spotted this week. A baseball cap and long sleeve polo are available in the Main Street Cinema, as well.

Pink Castle Cake T shirt 25th Anniversary Vault Collection 00004

Will you be reliving the sweet nostalgia of the ’90s with this 25th Anniversary Vault Collection t-shirt or are you living for the now as the 50th Anniversary celebration comes to its close? Let us know in the comments below.

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