Full List with Prices of Disney100 The Eras: Walt Disney Studios Collection at Magic Kingdom

Merchandise from Disney100 The Eras: Walt Disney Studios Collection has arrived at Magic Kingdom. This collection honors the Hyperion Studio and the original Mickey Mouse cartoons produced in the 1920s. We found these items at Box Office Gifts on Main Street.

Walt Disney Studios Ear Headband – $34.99

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Join the Disney100 celebration wearing Mickey’s movieland ear headband with a vintage-style Walt Disney Studios clapboard topper.

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The ears are clear and filled with confetti behind the printed production “flywheel” flow chart.

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7CC1FC99 8C31 4822 B223 EE3AE815355B

A clapboard bearing the old studio logo and address sits atop a spring.

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DB03F74F 9E60 47B2 89E1 2FABAE00E4A7
30F15DBE BBEE 4568 B843 F877ABB44BF7

Walt Disney’s signature is embroidered on the band.

91F8DCED F678 412D 9A0A 661AD1336715
D255DDC2 CCAB 48DA BA94 D79BE66EF0E6
0AE8054C 6FEE 4F5A A10F C13995AF8ECD

Disney 100 Walt Disney Studios Water Tower Lamp – $99.99

F5700F26 EFE4 4D3A 9F63 BBBAC20907C1

The Walt Disney Studios water tower still looms large over the Burbank movie lot. Now it can illuminate your own wonderful world with this USB-powered globe lamp reproduction of the legendary landmark featuring Mickey Mouse and his clapboard.

883C5C7D 2F7C 4DB5 A05B AFF78B2B52F6

It has a USB-C plug in and includes a USB-C to USB cable. It also comes with a lightbulb. The lamp is made of glass and resin.

BC0AF032 B383 482B 9AE5 0930E3C71481

The Walt Disney Studios water tower was one of the first structures completed at the new Burbank lot in 1939. Mickey Mouse and the studio logo were added in 1984.

28C97AEB 42E8 481E B4FE 74B43D6B8298
350D5861 2363 420A 9CD6 344C5546FDA2
48F2E79E 51B8 4993 9105 8C4AD551E14E
776DE2FF 52D8 4982 9500 51FB01EEB154
4825BAFC 8B17 42A7 A0E5 C8C091590EDB

Mickey Mouse Boot Bookends – $59.99

B693C1D0 2F73 48CA 9CCC DB48E71AF405

Mickey puts his foot down to ensure your books remain where they are supposed to be.

5132296D 196F 493F B29C 36DE52B4BEE3

His iconic boots come on a faux marble base in this set of bookends. The set includes two different boot designs.

Mickey Mouse Photo Frame – $29.99

0DF55B27 E433 4264 A3B6 3D0084321E45

The ceramic photo frame features Mickey at the top and a background of what Disney describes as “faint diagrammatic design showing how all the various elements of Walt’s vision for his empire tie in with each other.”

2A5DD216 198A 4264 8AC2 019DE2C7BB51
3452760F 2021 45A4 B7D1 63800A70A0AB
94823C75 C0FE 4523 B1D4 6B92F19F5189

The design continues onto the frame itself, with buildings like “WED” and “MAPO,” historic parts of the Disney Parks empire as well.

ED0465BB 58DF 4CD4 8F80 32623A51433F

It has a hinged stand but does not have a hook for hanging.

Mickey Mouse Light-Up Memo Board – $79.99

C52F3FA6 10FE 47E4 8F71 11AC462EAF46

This memo board is modeled after the traditional animator’s drawing desk as found at the Walt Disney Studios, which featured a backlit disc with registration pegs for drawing paper, used in hand-drawn animation so artists could see their continuity of poses.

8D72816B 3D0B 4B57 A926 47CBB7ED0E68

It has a pen holder bar for use with an erasable pen or dry-erase marker (not included).

B662ECB6 B983 4341 892C EE7A20AB43D6
3DF591D2 57EB 4F4C A6F9 FC81253A10F5

The board measures 15” H x 15” W x 2 3/4” D. The light-up feature requires two AA batteries.

E5B29285 3257 430F B085 F3CBB4E893CE

Mickey Mouse Throw Pillow – $49.99

1F813B68 E975 4ACA 9B8B 233720A02DA2

The gray and brown pillow features Mickey leading a parade of character friends as featured in the 1930s “Mickey Mouse” and “Silly Symphony” cartoons.

714A8F98 7B36 4179 AE8A BABE2BFF7E8A
6BB3EC4A EAAE 4FFF B0A8 769CF4B628E6

Faux leather is on both ends.

E9B51CCB CB26 40ED 9E57 7A57CCD7E2DD
63891CB2 30C4 4DED BE24 7B4426026E88
B4302DAB EB64 41F1 BAAC 797D18BB6A15

Walt Disney Studios Sticky Note Holder – $29.99

69C3CB98 5F27 438C BB88 CBBC9A791434

The polyresin vintage typewriter-shaped sticky notepad holder features the 1930s Walt Disney Studios logo.

B832FD9F 5020 4544 95AA 53914F5A850B

The letters which spell out “Mickey” as well as the shift bars are in mouse ear patterns.

45AF9C04 C2E7 4773 8B60 9BA051370F45
A4DF8BA1 E09B 47EB BBDF 4241BB78A855
B7388963 574B 4F4F 9F6D 8F40B8C6C176
14DFD8EF A4CA 4429 A3EE 1DF504BB7153
EB9C7F3C 300F 4A70 B96E C26D98ADD1A7

It comes with one 145-sheet printed sticky note pad resembling a “Character Model Dep’t” form.

E268741D 921E 41EB A72A 2E018AB04A99

Walt Disney Studios Pen Holder – $24.99

032EE181 7B0A 4BB2 BAE9 3BF38A9FA812

The pencil cup is glass with a metal base and features the “Mickey Mouse and Silly Symphony” logo.

032627FD 4F18 4C8B 8FF3 702D30578068
E17126AE 1CE7 494B 89F1 1288D9686342

The other side also resembles a “Character Model Dep’t” form.

Walt Disney Cartoonist Mug – $19.99

3D1DA405 3B90 4215 B3D0 5850729A94A3

The ceramic coffee mug is modeled after the hand-designed business card of ”Walt Disney–Cartoonist,” used in his Kansas City ”Laugh-o-Grams” days.

E66AA952 B7D6 402B 8D4A AC9E70C93C93
CA9EA31B 90AF 4931 95C4 377449714DD8

The mug is 426 ml / 15 oz and microwave and dishwasher safe.

6B79EDF9 0192 49B7 AE66 DD0CC41FBCAE

Mickey Mouse “Mousecar” Phone Holder – $49.99

31021746 2F12 42B5 A81F 785A3954F2DE

Mickey’s fully sculpted phone holder is inspired by the historic ”Mousecar” statuette, an in-house award presented to those who have given special service to The Walt Disney Company.

CBA4781E EE57 45FA 929B 36692211426C

It has a wood base and bronze-colored finish.

66EAC106 EDEC 483A 8DD0 ADD4D8042864

The first ”Mousecar” was given to Roy O. Disney in 1947 by his brother Walt.

CE14A06F 3576 49B1 8476 C9E999110D4E
16EC7821 385B 425C 9407 75E4298B4352

Disney 100 Mickey Mouse Ornament – $26.99

FF9FA880 B406 42EA A605 EC31DB86292A
D502D55F 153C 418B B276 AB1891BB9DB1

This ornament is inspired by “Plane Crazy,” the first short film produced starring Mickey and Minnie.

687E0E06 A2AD 4296 B005 A32EF4AB6330

The sculpted ornament features the couple riding a plane through the clouds.

10E46AAE EDDA 4F50 A672 5B0B3822EA26

“The End” is on the back in a horseshoe. The whole ornament is black and white.

50FC1337 008C 45DC BEBB 97F3D95D67D5

A Disney 100 Years of Wonder charm is on the top, attached to the black ornament ribbon.

Mickey Mouse Sound Cartoon Spirit Jersey – $79.99

119890BE D9B7 438F AF26 B907529C0C17

Mickey celebrates his early days at Disney’s Hyperion Studios with this Spirit Jersey pullover featuring an allover vintage-style print, a puffy Mickey on the chest, and a “Mickey Mouse Sound Cartoons” billboard on the back shoulder.

E3FC26D4 BCD7 408D A187 3DE07262E83E
325317AA 5032 4E88 A544 E82F710E6135
0CD5EAA7 2093 431E 8CE6 A1D7A62342AA
6E78459D ADA0 4592 89E2 F06E460BDF13
14A854E3 6094 40F0 B3A9 44009075D623
6A54D971 974B 4B60 8B28 0FD884946933
CAB59A7E F69C 4AF8 89BF B03307D5DAC4

Mickey Mouse T-Shirt – $34.99

CB1CCE55 3CC3 4805 B620 44CCD96816E1

The white jersey knit tee features Walt Disney character friends as featured in the 1930s “Mickey Mouse and Silly Symphony” cartoons. The screen art features Mickey Mouse, Fiddler, Fifer, and Practical Pig (The Three Little Pigs), Three Orphan Kittens, Toby Tortoise and Max Hare (The Tortoise and the Hare), Abner and Monty (The Country Cousin), Flowers and Trees, Horace Horsecollar and Clarabelle Cow.

8AA3EDE9 0561 44A4 817F 21423E5D7C8F
4B1FD1F9 527E 45C2 9580 62CFEBD386F0

The back is blank.

Youth Mickey Mouse T-Shirt – $24.99

201034A3 BF90 4F69 BA0A F06C544A81DA

This is a youth version of the above T-shirt.

5653B22A B6E6 4B7C AF26 429E5223D50E
4E6FF603 E657 4C48 AC15 E189A498B210

Walt Disney Studios Hoodie – $64.99

0B655202 3AB4 4316 89F3 F1DF61412D9A

The heather gray pullover hoodie has Mickey Mouse and “Walt Disney Studios” embroidered on the chest.

B1E0A1C2 AC2B 4C81 A347 49C26A6B2D1B

Mickey’s wearing his iconic red shorts and the lettering around him is dark orange.

FD33E149 96FA 4CBD 80FA 2498FE5FCFFE

It has a pocket and drawstring hood.

34566B9A 20D1 4A2E 8C12 F8009C77F826

There is no art on the sleeves or back.

Youth Walt Disney Studios Hoodie – $24.99

B9B978A8 7D30 4C04 BC96 9AE63CA312C4

This is a youth version of the above adult hoodie.

DC4FB06C 82AD 4C64 9082 0BE6F77CC509

The only design difference is that this version includes the address of Hyperion Studio.

4F89E5E1 0BF6 4FA3 8A77 39E54939D433

Walt Disney Studios Hat – $29.99

6164BFDF D861 485F BCFE 0B080D700D01

Beneath the orange Walt Disney Studios logo, “2719 Hyperion, Hollywood” is embroidered in white on this cap.

748EF958 6AFB 43A8 88A1 86A5B89DC379

Mickey is in the center, just like on the hoodie.

0003A0E5 B14E 4E27 9929 6757639C05A6

The cap has a flat bill, button topper, and adjustable back strap.

A25D500C 164A 4171 8BE5 8C895679C6B2

Walt Disney Studios Infant Onesie – $29.99

A71D45AD 1175 45A3 818A 2EA307795F13

This onesie is heather gray with orange on the feet, neck, and sleeves. An orange stripe with the buttons also runs down the front, past the Walt Disney Studios logo featuring Mickey.

9B61A801 C91E 44E4 A18E 4965969B131A
F9FFF460 F6BA 437B 8B37 1C126D14D411
85B7D90E CF41 4745 AD1E 8C52A86C7DBF
A46A1DB8 5555 46D1 BC9A B7C6B6742490

Walt Disney Studios Pullover Sweater – $49.99

487591C6 FB9F 4070 85A0 4D56143D358D

This sweater also features Mickey in the Walt Disney Studios logo, with “Hyperion Avenue, Hollywood” below.

01F3D1B4 2DE2 4A17 9751 0E38266CB1AA

The pullover sweatshirt is a light heather gray.

86122C69 4669 40A7 8707 623B991BDE2F

Walt Disney Studios Shorts – $36.99

4EC082F2 CC3B 4CBC A13D 6DA5F4B62288

These matching shorts have the Mickey logo on the bottom of the left leg.

DDB11A1D 2EBF 4362 873B 38D79B7690AE
4141DA27 CF8C 45A4 8EAD 284C95892F8A

Walt Disney Studios Tote Bag – $39.99

5A1123BB B105 46A9 9EE4 852C5A1A53B0

The tote is white with the art of Mickey and “Walt Disney Studios.” It also features the ”Mickey Mouse and Silly Symphony Sound Cartoons” logo.

1E173974 5812 41FB B584 86B9C8610B7C
DE539857 EB2F 48FA 9845 1C5CC01C4485

It has art on the back resembling a Character Model Dep’t label.

05963167 C217 4499 89DD 52C4DD1B0B57

Walt Disney Studios Striped Shirt – $36.99

4BBC96FA A78A 4463 B442 E13721F5EECA

This shirt is striped orange and white, with Mickey in black and white on the chest.

46B55EA6 2FF4 4B73 81FE B2548B3CAEC5

The words read “Walt Disney Productions Ltd. Mickey Mouse Sound Cartoons 2719 Hyperion, Hollywood.”

BED88EA7 9AD3 409E B049 17E20B013A1A

Mickey Mouse Beret – $29.99

A2E396F4 62EB 4D7D 88C8 25E80DC8A1E0

Finally, this stylish red beret is embroidered with Mickey waving on the front.

23AFFEBB 790F 42D0 849E 8FFCAAB760EA
79F5D0AA 0283 4464 AB99 C730E23EBD0E
C1F48220 B4D7 4AD2 8980 53528B93B042

His autograph is embroidered on the other side.

19AEDA5E F53C 4970 9F62 5C12C903A235

Most of this collection is also available at Disneyland Resort. Merchandise from Disney100 The Eras: Disneyland Collection is also available.

Will you add any of these to your collection? Let us know in the comments below!

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