Massive 25th Anniversary Cinderella Castle Cake Vault Collection Keychain Arrives at Walt Disney World

With the 50th Anniversary celebration wrapping up, we’re finally seeing Vault Collection merchandise celebrating the park’s iconic 25th Anniversary celebration, Cinderella Castle Cake and all. Today at the Main Street Cinema, home to most of the Vault Collection, we spotted an absolutely massive Castle Cake keychain available now so you can remember the magic!

Cinderella Castle Cake Keychain – $11.99

VaultCollection25thCastleCakeKeychain 4

The keychain is made of rubber and features Mickey Mouse on the front with his arms wide open just like on the classic gate to Walt Disney World. But the majority of the keychain is taken up by the huge replica of Cinderella Castle Cake from the iconic anniversary.

VaultCollection25thCastleCakeKeychain 2

Opinions on the Castle Cake are quite polarized depending on who you ask, with a mix of either nostalgic fondness or disgust. For the anniversary in 1996, Disney repainted the entirety of Cinderella Castle a bright pink and decorated it top to bottom with candles, faux whipped cream, and other ornaments to create a special Castle Cake in celebration of the resort’s silver anniversary. Aside from countless gallons of pink paint, inflatables and plastic were the main materials covering the castle. If you didn’t know, there actually were 26 candles, one for each year of the park’s existence and one to grow on.

VaultCollection25thCastleCakeKeychain 3

The back side of the keychain bears the 25th Anniversary logo, the Walt Disney World logo, and the Vault Collection logo.

While the Cinderella Castle Cake only lasted through early 1998, you can pick up this keychain as well as some apparel and a pin to remember the magic of the 25th Anniversary forever! And let us know if you’ll attach this to your keys (or your car… it’s pretty big) in the comments below!

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