Missing Splash Mountain Sign Returns Days Before Attraction’s Permanent Closure at Magic Kingdom

With just a few days before Splash Mountain will close forever at Walt Disney World’s Magic Kingdom, a small piece of the attraction’s history has been restored.

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If you have ever been on Splash Mountain since 1992, you would have walked past a carved piece of Disney signage featuring the protagonist Br’er Rabbit noting that “You May Get Wet”. The sign had remained untouched for decades until a few days ago when it went missing. Rumors swirled that a guest stole the sign off the wall, but it seems that whatever happened to the sign, it is now back to its rightful owner! Perhaps it was the devious duo Br’er Fox and Br’er Bear…

Splash mountain missing sign returns

Today, we stopped by Splash Mountain to find that the sign is once again hanging in its rightful place on the wall of the attraction. With the ride having its last operational day on January 22, it is nice to see that this iconic piece of the attraction’s history will be present to warn the ride’s final guests that they may get wet.

Once Splash Mountain shuts down, Disney will begin changing the ride into Tiana’s Bayou Adventure, which is set to open in Magic Kingdom in late 2024. Recently, Disney released new Tiana’s Bayou Adventure concept art featuring Princess Tiana and Louis in the Louisiana bayou.

Read more details about Tiana’s Bayou Adventure:

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5 thoughts on “Missing Splash Mountain Sign Returns Days Before Attraction’s Permanent Closure at Magic Kingdom”

  1. I look forward to a similar sign one day with Louis the Alligator or Ray the Firefly warning us about all the forthcoming wetness.

  2. Mid 90s Magic Kingdom was peak Disney- Splash Mountain, and it’s highly themed signage, is a reminder of this. Props to the graphic designers who made all of the custom signage and typography for splash over the years.

  3. Many memories with this beloved ride as a child as well as with my own son. He is 17 now and still loves it. Disney’s reasoning behind it stinks and most people agree. I think the idea of a Tiana ride is great, as I love Princess and the Frog, however not in Splash Mountains place. I think they really could have done an over the top job by refurbing the Liberty Boat into a bayou adventure for Tiana- but who am I. Iger, there is only a few days left, please put an end to this nonsense and listen to the loyal Disney fans- SAVE SPLASH MOUNTAIN!!!!


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