PHOTOS: Iconic “You May Get Wet” Br’er Rabbit Sign Vanishes from Splash Mountain Days Before Closure, Did a Guest Try to Steal It?

Splash Mountain at the Magic Kingdom is set to end its 30-year-run at the Magic Kingdom on January 22, 2023, but the entire ride may not make it until then. As anticipation begins for the end of one of the most iconic rides in the history of Disney theme parks, one of its most recognizable props has gone missing.

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Generations of park-goers have walked past this sign, warning them that they may get wet aboard this wild log flume in Frontierland. Sadly, it seems no one may get to see it again.

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The sign is completely gone from the wall in the queue where it has sat since 1992. There’s no official word on what happened to it, but it was reportedly in the queue when the ride opened yesterday morning and then vanished. Rumor has it that a guest may have pried it off the wall and tried to take it home as a memento of the soon-to-close attraction.

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A large stain marks where the sign once was.

Some social media reports state the sign was recovered and is now backstage, but again, there is no official word on what happened.

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5 thoughts on “PHOTOS: Iconic “You May Get Wet” Br’er Rabbit Sign Vanishes from Splash Mountain Days Before Closure, Did a Guest Try to Steal It?”

  1. Wouldnt doubt eventually it will be on sale at the antique store in lakeland but even those folks have to wait till disney gives them the property to sell and they take time for wounds to heal though i dont know how many wounds splash will have as its tech not going anywhere its just getting tiana,its not like the ride is,truly going anywhere. Besides its a,shame when people tamper w wdw property they should be ashamed. Fan or foe its just poor taste. I hope the person was caught and thrown out.

  2. Completely disappointed in the choice Disney made with Splash Mountain. Bowing down to the cancel culture mob who have probably never rode it proves to me Disney doesn’t care about their guests.

  3. It disappoints me and makes me sick that Disney is catering to all the idiots that complained about Splash Mountain. I, personally, found nothing wrong with it. I actually liked that ride. It was one of my favorites. It has been there for years and now they want to go and completely ruin it. SO WRONG!!

    • I can understand missing the old version for nostalgic reasons, but how do you know the new version will “completely ruin” it?

  4. Oh man! I have wanted a “You May Get Wet” sign, for decades. I remember one of my visits to Disneyland, during the 35th anniversary in 1990, when my friend and I went to every shop trying to find a souvenir replica. I wanted to hang it in the bathroom over the shower. Ha! It’s sad that there are park visitors who would steal the joys meant to be shared with everyone. I hope they come up with some good alternatives, when the rides are done over.


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