PHOTOS: Automated PhotoPass Cameras Installed at Pete’s Silly Sideshow at the Magic Kingdom

The bane of character photographs everywhere, the automated PhotoPass cameras have now invaded Pete’s Silly Sideshow at the Magic Kingdom upon its return.

Pete Silly Sideshow Minnie Daisy4

These devices are at least well-themed. You may recall the initial uproar from guests paying for PhotoPass photos that the quality of pictures from these automated devices are never quite as good as those taken by a living photographer, but that hasn’t stopped Disney from installing them.

The cameras are not yet operational, but should be very soon.

5 thoughts on “PHOTOS: Automated PhotoPass Cameras Installed at Pete’s Silly Sideshow at the Magic Kingdom”

  1. The box is really bad its not welcoming you do not know where to look try just putting your kid in front of it whose loooking around for a photopass person… beyond your not aloud to take your own photos bc it interferes w the box. The icing is the box is truly 3rd party so you cannot get them printed off at park. So for any aps, day guests, or people not stupid enough to pay for memory maker it screws you over of a really great and personal shot. Besides thats another cm down a position and thats a shame.

    • I agree your kid is so excited to see a character and then the photo person calls you to attention of the photo or just takes awesome casual shots which is better than the main shot sometimes… without all this what are you to do??? Stare??? Yesterday i just saw adults looking vaguely at it like “oh the box took my photo i could take aselfie and do better”. Then be told they cannot use their phones you thought they would stomp all the way out the exit. Like if this is going to bother a person vacation its not smart.

  2. I thought they weren’t going to add these anymore due to budget cuts, just why are they still adding pointless photo boxes and yet they still have staffing issues

  3. Disney NOOOOOO!
    We won’t be visiting any characters where these stupid contraptions are taking photos.

    They suck. Don’t waste your time.

  4. If I can’t hand off my DSLR to a castmember to take a photo of my interaction I don’t think I’ll do it. I want my own photos not something they’ll push on me that may not be worth the money considering the uncertainty of the photos taken.

    I have photos in my past AP photopass catalog that don’t have me in the photos at all. I have photos of people in separate ride vehicles the system thinks is mine.


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