New Droid Depot Astromech Backpack and Clear Bag Arrive at Disney’s Hollywood Studios

Two new bags have rolled off the line at Droid Depot in Disney’s Hollywood Studios, both themed to the classic Astromech droids.

Droid Depot Backpack with Clear Pouch Keychain – $59.99

droid factory backpack pouch 1

The top of this bag features the word “Astromech” written in Aurebesh, patterned in white, light blue, and orange, on a dark blue background lined in orange.

droid factory backpack pouch 2

The front pocket shows a R2 droid (best known as the model of R2-D2) and BB-8.

droid factory backpack pouch 5

Attached to the backpack is a clear keychain pouch.

droid factory backpack pouch 6

The keychain has a Droid Depot patch sewn on, along with light blue circuitry patterned on the clear pattern.

droid factory backpack pouch 7

The zipper has an orange pull which adds to the mechanic look.

droid factory backpack pouch 3
droid factory backpack pouch 4

The straps and handle are made with a dark blue fabric, which blends with the bag.

droid factory backpack pouch 8

The interior is a simple black.

Droid Depot R2 Series Astromech Clear Bag – $29.99

droid depot r2 astromech clear bag 4

For something smaller, though no less detailed. there’s a clear bag, roughly the size of a wristlet.

droid depot r2 astromech clear bag 1

The strap has “Astromech” written in Aurebesh in gray on a dark blue background.

droid depot r2 astromech clear bag 2

The front panel shows a schematic of an R2 droid, while above the zipper, it reads “R2 Series Astromech Droid”

droid depot r2 astromech clear bag 3

The clear material is also on the back.

Looking for more Droid Depot style? Check out this plate set that was released in Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge last month!

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