PHOTOS: Disney Begins Cleaning Filthy TRON Lightcycle Run Building Ahead of Grand Opening at Magic Kingdom

As we FINALLY near the opening of TRON Lightcycle Run at the Magic Kingdom, Disney is preparing the already-aged show building for public consumption.

Dirty TRON 20233

Usually, when a new ride is built, there’s not enough time between the completion of the structures and the grand opening for noticeable amounts of dirt and grime to accumulate on it. In the case of TRON Lightcycle Run, where construction began in earnest in early 2018, there has been more than enough time for this to happen and the show building (and the canopy over the outdoor section of track for that matter) have been noticeably filthy for some time now.

Dirty TRON 20232

Thankfully, Disney has sent crews to clean the exterior of the building now, ahead of the grand opening of the ride on April 4th, just a few short weeks away.

Dirty TRON 20231
Dirty TRON1

The building is quite dirty, but it doesn’t seem to be anything a simple power wash can’t fix.

Dirty TRON2

We assume (and hope) this cleaning project will move to the canopy next, which has had visible staining for quite some time already.

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10 thoughts on “PHOTOS: Disney Begins Cleaning Filthy TRON Lightcycle Run Building Ahead of Grand Opening at Magic Kingdom”

  1. Are you serious stop w these reports custodian and 3rd shift can only do so much. We live in a crazy climate in fl where things are going to get dirty rained on etc and wdw nor any company is going to drop everything and clean it. I am sorry thats not how the world wrks nor priorities in buiness wdw gets to it eventually as apose to uni seaworld parks and the lot that never do and leave rides to rot too.

  2. Negative seems to be your MOO whoever “we” is why don’t you name them. WDW is on its game as noted they cleaned it. They are always cleaning and caring for their property. How about some headlines that point out the positives like they have a new ride building to clean!!!

  3. It is “Loam” that is coating the show building & Tron canopy. It is common on construction sites throughout Florida. It is not simple dirt, but Loam is a combination of clay, sand & hummus (decomposing plant material). In Florida it is always stirred up & goes airborne in open construction sites and STICKS to neighboring structures and homes. Because of the unique combination it encourages mold & algae growth which gets darker as it accumates & grows. That is why it looks so dark & filthy so quickly. Until all the open exposed ground is covered by grass, plantings or walkways the loan will continue to blow around and stick to nearby structures. This may not be the last time they will need to clean the show building & canopy as every open exposed ground surface is still not covered. Even a light dusting of Loam after this current “power wash” will still encourage mold & algae growth very soon. Unfortunately it will be most visible on the “white canopy” when it develops again.


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