Alice and the White Rabbit Disney nuiMOs Plush Now Available at Walt Disney World

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Alice and the White Rabbit Disney nuiMOs Plush Now Available at Walt Disney World

Don’t be late to get ahold of an Alice and the White Rabbit Disney nuiMOs plush now available at Walt Disney World. We found these stars from the 1951 animated feature, “Alice in Wonderland,” at the Emporium on Main Street U.S.A. in the Magic Kingdom. They can also be purchased from

White Rabbit Disney nuiMOs Plush – Alice in Wonderland – $21.99

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This White Rabbit Disney nuiMOs plush comes dressed in his signature outfit and spectacles.

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The 7″ White Rabbit nuiMOs plush has soft, white fur around the sides of his head, and pink and white ears. Embroidery features include large burgundy eyes and round glasses with purple highlights on the lenses. His entire head can rotate.

White rabbit nuimos3

He has his instantly recognizable outfit of blue trousers, a blue satin ruffled collar, a red shirt, and a white smock with a large red heart in the center. The blue ruffle collar and heart smock are not removable, however, additional outfit pieces can be added on top of them.

White rabbit nuimos4
White rabbit nuimos6

The heart repeats on the back. The White Rabbit nuiMOs is also poseable, and his hands have magnets that enable them to close or hold hands with other plush figures.

Alice Disney nuiMOs Plush – Alice in Wonderland – $21.99

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With large blue eyes and Alice comes with her iconic blue dress, white apron, and black ankle-strap shoes. She stands 7″ tall.

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Made of a soft plush construction, Alice has embroidered black eyebrows, black eyelashes, large blue eyes, a petit pink nose, and turned up a smile. Little pops of pink blush accent her cheeks.

Alice nuimos3(1)

Her long golden hair flows down her back and is offset by a black headband.

Alice nuimos4(1)

The Alice nuiMOs is poseable, and her head can turn. As with other nuiMOs, her hands have magnets in them to close or hold hands with other plush figures. She can also be dressed up in other Disney nuiMOs outfits (sold separately).

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The Alice and White Rabbit nuiMOs are recommended for ages 6 and up.

The “nuiMOs” name is a combination of the Japanese words nuigurumi, meaning plush, and moderu, meaning model.

Will you be adding the White Rabbit and Alice to your nuiMOs collection? Let us know in the comments below.

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